Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i can't sleep and my brain is a huge weird salad of crazy right now, but I keep thinking about certain parts in 30 Rock that have been embedded in my mind.

Specifically, the episode titled "The Funcooker". While everyone is brainstorming ideas for the product name (because every name brought up is inappropriate), and Alec Baldwin's character throws out random scrabble pieces to make a word and the letters "v" "a" "g" appear and so he tries again, and then it just spells "h" "i" "t" "l" "e" "r". PLEASE tell me someone laughed at that, because i'm still laughing (not at Hitler or the Holocaust, everyone calm down!!!!!) days and days later and now through a half-asleep fog.

also, when Liz is dressed up as Princess Leia at jury duty. come onnnnn. I didnt realize TV could be so funny, intentionally. I realize it's funny unintentionally like on the Real Housewives when the Countess tells a poor overweight teen who says she wanted to be a model, "it's easy to loose weight dont worry", at a self esteem workshop for some sort of YMCA thing. Or Ramona's eyes? Ok i need to stop watching that show. every tuesday. at 10pm. and also sometimes at 11pm when i miss it at 10pm. what?

thoughts of random

currently, i am reporting from my balcony (for the entire 6th floor. not off my room or anything VIP, don't worry), staring at all the city lights, buildings, people walking and of course the golden arches of McDonalds. The weather is perfect, and the scent of the crappy chinese food from down the street is filling the air. As I'm listening to music and typing this, i'm going over in my head all the positive things about college. Number one on my list is the freedom. I can literally do anything, go anywhere, at whenever time and no one has to care and know. Do I always take advantage of this pleasure? No. But it's nice to know it's there.

There are thousands of thoughts that are pouring all over my brain these days that I don't even know what to do. When you're heading towards the end of something, it's only natural to give yourself a report card about how you've done and what you've seen and learned. I have learned so much about people/things/myself and mistakes and what not to do and what to do when I go to georgia, and to even keep in mind forever in life. Even this past weekend was a real eye-opening lesson of who will help you when you need them, as annoying as it may be, and who won't. I hope my friends know that I'll help them as much as I can, and if i can't, i'll totally make it up to them or atleast try.

But now, as I sit on this peaceful balcony in this wonderful weather, watching two shirtless men in a white pick up truck start a small fire in the hotel parking lot (yes? thats happening? should I be doing something about that? call 911? whatever) , i feel okay. I'll miss this spot.

Monday, April 27, 2009

okay, i'm only 20, i don't want kids for many years, i'm selfish, i love sleeping, i love not having to be responsible for anyone else but myself, blah blah blah blah blah. with that said, babies are just so heartbreakingly cool. Baby Zuma? Gwen Stefani's new baby? Makes me wanna cry tears of joy and steal him and make sure he never stops looking like that. a fat bald drooly baby, even at age 40, Mmmm! Sign me up! Ok goodnight for real this time.


One thing that has saved my bank account up here in WB, is the fact that the shopping...is, well..non existant. The malls have hardly any stores in them, and that was a blessing in disguise. I hardly shop here and when I do, it's for a bunch of clothes that someone else's old ass wore before me. I'm not complaining, i love thrifting. But I look forward to good stores again. I miss H&M, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and especially Forever 21. I want to get the things above as soon as I get some $ $ $ .

ps: some sort of golden girls marathon is on right now, in honor of Bea Arthur (RIP) i'm assuming. What a simpler time it was then huh? In this episode, they are all dancing at a retirement home and Sophia is getting her FliRt AwN with a black man in a wheelchair bein witty as hell.

thank you for being a friend, goodnight

There is a shop in the heart of Savannah that is dedicated to selling creations from SCAD students/alumni. When I first visited there last summer, I think this was one of the main things that persuaded me to apply. The shop was filled with such interesting and beautiful artwork, jewelry, bags, stationery, clothing, etc. You name it, and it was there. I thought it was so great that there was a store that really helped the designers and get their name out there. I purchased one of my favorite bracelets that I've ever owned (which i lost at Newark airport :( very sad.) Everything from scarves, to lip balm, childrens books and kitchenware. All of it was so inspiring.

The re-designed shopSCAD website debuted this week and it's so pretty. Check it out and support these wonderful artists! I can't wait to save some money up & buy new things when I'm down there.

Only one more week left here! It'll feel so good to get all of my work done. I have to just finish a couple papers/projects, take 3 exams, officially resign from the school at the admissions office, pack up my room, and then I'm gone for good next Weds morning! I'm so excited to see my friends from home, and to settle back into a normal life in NJ. Summer please get here now.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

well last night didnt end so great, which ultimately lead to a beautiful day where I basically threw up at the thought of anything drinkable, liquid and also solid, that could possibly alter your mood (im not going to say the word for the fear of dry heaving. but it ends in cohol). however, I got to catch up on a lot of different fashion blogs (and tons of 30 Rock..it is literally the funniest show) and came across Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall's blog. Her designs are gorgeous and brightened up my stupid day. I'm so glad she won.

And to think I was a Kenley fan.. I still kind of am though, sorry world.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

the weather is gorgeous here in PA today. Before laying in the grass & eatin lunch with my pals, I started the day by driving up to scranton to stop by a salvation army that i had never gone to. I donated 4 bags of clothes and checked out what they had to offer. i left with three great summery dresses (for a grand total of $11), one that i'm going to wear out tonight, belted, with a much needed 40 oz of Hurricane in my hand. classy and sophistication at it's finest. yep.

photos- Rodarte

Friday, April 24, 2009

my best friend abby and I always tell eachother we have the "same brain" and "same ears". when one of us hears a song we love, we automatically know the other will fall in love with it also. throw any topic, dress, boy, song, movies (WELL...sometimes) and nine times out of ten, we'll agree with eachother. i must say, i feel really lucky having her.

Vena Cava is a fashion label run by two best friends Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai. They met at age 17 and have successfully brought their beautiful visions to life in the fashion industry, gaining the respect of those around them. I've been reading interviews with the two of them, and they are not only talented & smart, they are incredibly funny and goofy and well, best girl friends. it totally shows. Vena Cava perfects my favorite thing in fashion: contrast between "edgy/grungy" and sophisticated feminine.

This video reminds me just how cool designing clothes with your friend (who has the "same brain" as you) could be. Of course there would be ups & downs, like with any partnership, but at the end of the day..you're creating this amazing wearable art with your best friend. very few things beat that! maybe one day.. (HI ABBY, if you're reading this.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

paper heart

yessssss. i need to see this. it's called Paper Heart and it's a mockumentary about love and features some of the funniest/awkward people ever. i wonder when it'll reach red bank/wherever i am. "mexican beach salad".

Monday, April 20, 2009

today I discovered Cutiemus, which is an affordable online shop filled with the most precious items. as soon as i get some extra money, i want to buy a couple things. Sometimes shopping is difficult (sometimes) Everything I see is usually way too much money or cheap/made really horribly. Of course there is a middle ground, and I usually fall in love with things easily that appeal to me but money is always an issue. I'd rather save up & use my money for coffee/gas/supplies for jewelry.

Of course easy places to stick to are Urban Outfiters, Forever 21, Target, thrift stores, and even Nordstroms (which is a splurge for me & most college kids, im assuming.) So, finding websites like this are always good. I havent shopped for clothes for myself in months (except for thrift store finds) so i'm looking forward to doing summer shopping soon. im so sick of my clothes and need to clean out my closet & donate the things I don't wear. I need to start fresh this summer, with many things.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

a couple vintage dresses/sweaters waiting to get altered.

my DIY jewelry display! i made it out of chicken wire & an antique frame.

inspiration board & thrifted old photos/frames

here are some before/after pics:



spent the whole weekend back home in jersey cleaning up & moving my things into my new workspace! it's still not done but i'm so excited to have a place to create and have all of my things. on the other side (not pictured), my mom's boyfriend is building me a workbench to keep all of my supplies/sewing machine/fabrics. i can't wait for summmmmerrrrrrr.

now here comes the last 2 weeks of craziness for school. blah.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mayle is so perfect. When I first laid eyes on the designs, i thought to myself "if i had to wear these clothes everyday for the rest of my life, i'd be the luckiest girl."

Started by ex-model Jane Mayle, this English-influenced line is just the right amount of delicate & just the right amount of edgy. it is the perfect contrast of feminine frocks and comfy sweaters, with a great chance that the girl wearing it has a couple tattoos hidden under all that soft cotton. I want everything, but sadly the NoLita based shop of Mayle closed down this past february. now I can only dream of these wonderful items entering my wardrobe.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

is it weird that when I look at photos of not only clothing, but interior design & gardens, i get butterflies and an overwhelming feeling as if I was a 14 year old boy watching tWo chiCkz mAKe OuT or something. is that sick? i just really love good design.

this weekend i'm moving into my new 'office'/ studio/ hang out/ practice interior design project. the tale of how this office situation came to be is quite an interesting one. see, once upon a time there was a business being run out of the basement. the man who ran the business was a friend of my dad, and one fine day he just up & left, and never returned. still remained friends with my dad, i might add, but never came back to clean up all his crap. i'm talkin' files from years ago, a calender marked 2005, things belonging to a woman who once worked there who is now dead?, FOOD, diet pills, pictures of loved ones, cell phones, etc. you get the picture. WHO just DOES that?

Once I got the permission from my parents that I could take over down there, I finally saw just how much stuff there was down there. My dad talked to the guy, told him what was happening and he didnt care. SO, we hired a garbage company to come in and throw everything out. And now my work can begin. This weekend i'm moving in my computer, dress model, tools, books and whatever else I can find. I feel like it's the night before the 6th grade school dance or something. Just so excited and anxious to get there except this time it's..well, it's nothing like a school dance, that's just the first thing that popped into my head. Pure excitement! I just want this project to begin. Oh, and to make some more sales..and to pass all of my classes of course. I'll throw that in there just to be a legitimate education focused person.

ps: mary im so happy you're updating doobey disco again. i love reading it & explorin that good ol brain of yours. dis is yr official sh0ut 0ut. to deidre love jodi.

photo credit- pottery barn and better homes & garden

watching this video gave me butterflies. beirut is so unique and incredible. music, like so many things, is completely capable of transporting you to another place or time, and Beirut transports me to another era with it's gypsy feel and beautiful vocals. it amazes me that someone so young can produce such a sound that is so magical and historical. people like that really amaze me and make me wonder how their brains work.

i feel like if i ever met this guy, or anyone like this i would become a psycho girl stalker "hey wanna hang out hey can you talk to me hey can you tell me things hey what do you think about this do you like this song do you like me" until a restraining order is put in place. (kidding.)

can you tell that my life is lacking guys like this? ok just checking.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


surprise surprise, i really love zooey deschanel. i think i always have, but recently I've realized just how 100% cool she is. her movies are usually good, her music is beautiful, her style is perfect, music taste. everything. typical of me/girls like me to love her, but hey i'm a cliche i guess. and you know what, i love her and ben gibbard together. i want to be a guest at their wedding and try not to be drunk like i am at other weddings. (her dress in the first pic is beyond adorable.)

In other news, i just tried listening to Bat for Lashes after reading so much about her/them/whatever, and listerally said "fuck off" outloud. what ? it just reminds me of a scary nightmare scenario set in a medieval castle with millions of frozen faced scary women telling me to 'relax'. do not want anymore Bat for Lashes, no thank you.

ps: check this out! Rebecca Woolf (author & blogger from GGC) is wearing an Eighty8 headband! i was sososoo excited to see this, and I got a shoutout on her blog! Thank you Rebecca, you wear the headband very well!

bib bitch

i'm slightly obsessed with timeless statement necklaces. they are really trendy right now on runways, in magazines, everywhere (well, except malls & average everyday closets but give it a year.) some are gaudy and too "i'm a senior citizen, havent left my condo in florida for 25 years and have been wearing the same panty hose & crazy huge necklace since reagan was president", so you have to be careful.

my favorite would be the bib style necklaces made up of gems, trinkets, and even fabrics. this week, i plan on bringing my statement necklace sketches to life or atleast testing the waters to see if I can even make something similar to what I have in my head. we'll see. they just seem like they'd be perfect for summer with a plain cotton white v neck and jeans or with a black strapless maxi dress. or whatever way you want!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

this summer i'm going to move into a workspace for eighty 8 in red bank! it's a large finished basement (in the building my dad's office is in and my mom owns. so let's say i just got lucky with this one..) with it's own door to the outside & a tiny kitchen. i'm determined to decorate it with wonderful garage sale & thrift store finds. I already have a couple of chairs, a desk & a beautiful light pink couch. I plan on adding an inspiration board, work table, sewing section and a place to photograph each item. i'm so excited because it will give me a place to go to work on everything and keep the vintage dresses i'm collecting (with plans to sell in the shop. stay tuned!) it'll be like a little hang out/office that i'll be able to work from when i'm home for the summer & when I come back and forth from georgia.

i've been ripping different magazine articles out, finding photos, fabric swatches, basically anything that appeals to me and my style for my huge inspiration board for above my desk and throughout the space. going along with that whole idea, i've been looking at my favorite design blogs for workspace & decorating ideas. i know i'm getting carried away, it's just a basement office for my tiny tiny tiny business but hey, it's my first opportunity (aside from my room) to really decorate something for myself with my own vision. here are some of my favorite pictures that i've found on Decor8 and Design*Sponge that make me so happy. (above)

on another exciting note: looks like I just may be living in something that looks like this (which is apparently haunted!) or this next year (or another option. cant find a pic) i have to wait until july/august to find out which one & who my roommates will be. i gotta admit, i'm gettin' pretty nervous but the good kind of nervous. peaceful nervous.

ps: this song is so beautiful. listen:

Heretics - Andrew Bird