Tuesday, September 29, 2009

queen b

gossip girl is cheesy, predictable, over-publicized, blah blah blah...but on monday nights at 9pm, i'm tuning in. why? it's juicy and fun to watch but mainly, the fashion is so good. blair is and always will be my favorite. i just came across these photos from an upcoming episode. blair's dresses? goooooooodbye. so perfect. the dress featured in the 2nd picture? can you imagine anything more beautiful? no. you can't.

and although chuck bass makes me roll my eyes, i still love him & blair together. their looks remind me of old hollywood which clearly isn't seen a whole lot on teen television shows. he needs to give it a rest with the face & voice, but he won't. infact, it's going to just keep getting worse and worse so i've learned to embrace it.

Monday, September 28, 2009


this past weekend my mom and i visited the mercer-williams house in downtown Savannah. it's famous because that's where the murder took place in the early 90's, which was documented in the book midnight in the garden of good and evil. the house is absolutely gorgeous, filled with the most wonderful antiques and artwork. i loved all of the old architecture/style books laying around on coffee tables or tucked away in bookcases, the way antique dishes were used as a part of decoration and the Versailles and baroque inspired feel. tons of thick gaudy gold frames around old painted portraits and chintz scattered around. love love love. i was inspired by a small Victorian bust that was sitting on a side table in the study and i am now on the hunt for one or two.

ps- started my new job this morning and fell in love with it. it is such a great atmosphere (although someone stole my bike tire while i was working this morning but i wont focus on that anymore) and my bosses are two of the nicest people i've ever met in my life. i really think this will be a great thing. i even scored some great free vintage home decor items that were left over from the shop's tag sale that took place on Saturday. they match my room perfectly and really make it feel even more like home.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

crazy person talk

sometimes i feel like my heart weighs a million pounds and i don't know what to do with it all. i just feel lucky and happy, but often feel like this is a good time in my life and i'm spending it away from my loved ones. i know that it's the time for me to do that and i will eventually head 'home' and be with family/make my own family. but i almost feel bad. i want my family to be close to me during this time. it's exciting and new but i still want them close and live it with me almost (to a certain extent of course) it's hard. when i feel this way, it's hard for me to see the bad in people. that cold feeling i have when i'm feeling 'down' melts so quickly and i almost feel vulnerable.

i feel like i cry at the drop of a hat, over happy things and sad things. over everything. a baby falling out of it's carriage in a 1920's film we watched in class? i had a lump in my throat. an old man walking down the street? a tear comes down my face. i trust people and have never had anyone be truly evil to me. i've never been mugged, had my life threatened by another human or anything like that. i read about it all the time but i don't think i'd even realize it if it were staring me in the face. i cry at babies, when i have to say goodbye to people i love and at the end of jackie kennedy biographys although i know how it's going to end. i never want to piss anyone off and admire people who 'dont give a fuck', although i think those people really do give a fuck. i still wake up in the middle of the night cringing about stupid things that happened years ago. i'm not tough in a lot of ways.

i feel this need to make sure everyone in my life is okay more than ever. i just want to protect. my mom said she used to cry at night when my brother was a baby because she would feel like she'd just want to protect him from bad at all times, and how that feeling never goes away once you have kids. that's the feeling i get at night but i don't have any kids, or a husband obviously. i just think random thoughts about how i want everyone to be okay and it keeps me up at night. is there a pill for this or is this just being a nurturing woman? what the fuck. i'd literally cut off a limb if that would mean that everyone i love would never leave me/be harmed in any way. it's exhausting but i guess it's a nice way to be. i dont know.

the point of this post? i don't know. i just wanted to get it out. maybe you can relate.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


alright, i hate to be Susie q girly girl unicorn sippin milkshakes, but I'm a girl, and whether we like it or not...the thought of wedding gowns have crossed our brains once or 300 times in our lives. this j.mendel dress is the epitome of mii pURffect wedDiNg drE$$ guYz.

no seriously.

basically this piece of perfection can fit any occasion as far as im concerned. maybe not uncle joey's bbq or cousin sally's baton twirling competition, but hey. whatever. the color is so dreamy with a subtle hint of blue/perriwinkle? i cannot tell, it's that light and whimsical. this is the exact definition of 'perfect gown' in my brain. in fact, if the whole wedding thing doesn't work out for me, i can be an old crazy woman who wanders the streets in this dress and everyone can pity me, but i won't give a fUck. see how versatile fashion is?

Monday, September 21, 2009


i think i may need this book. kelly cutrone is all over the place but i like her. she makes sense. one time i saw her walking around soho last winter and felt starstruck, but felt like a fraud because the only reason why i really recognized her was because of the (atrocious) Hills. Bad reality tv aside, she has an amazing career and is a pretty interesting woman. i like what she has to say in this video.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

more love.

today after my job interview (which i think went really well!), i rode my bike around savannah. in order for me to get from my area to the downtown shopping district i must ride through forsyth park. ya know, completely depresses my day, similar to when i had to walk through a sea of drug adicts to get from my hotel/dorm to my classes this time last year. oh wait. it's the total opposite. forsyth park is one of the most beautiful, charming places in all of the city.

i listen to my ipod, ride sometimes fast but most of the time slow, staring at every single sight. i wonder if it will ever get old. if one day i'll just look around, roll my eyes and think "oh fuck. more mossy trees, more delicate flowers, more beautiful architecture." i don't think i will. it's similar to that fear of when you find a song you love, you want to listen to it forever but always fear that one day you'll get sick of it or like when you fall in love with someone new. it's a feeling you just don't want to end.

a street that has great shopping is whitaker street. i locked up my bike and browsed at all the beautiful antique and clothing boutiques. at Madame Chrysanthemum, i bought a bird 'mobile' type thing made out of tin, that i had in my dorm last year in black, but this time i bought it in a magenta pink.

i also came across these cards with the most adorable illustration by Turn of the Centuries. I picked up this adorable print/card for our kitchen. i checked out their etsy and blog and completely fell in love. i want everything. everything is so dainty, perfect and best of all...most of the pieces have something to do with savannah. please check them out

part of me almost feels guilty that i'm constantly comparing this new place to wilkes-barre and my whole king's college experiance. it was what it was. i worked hard to get here and waited for this so i think i deserve comparing how different it is, because it's astonishing. i cannot believe this is my life now and i don't think i'd be able to appreciate it all this much if i hadnt gone through living in a place where i was so sad and felt like the world was moving around everywhere but where i was.

people made me feel like a bitch for being who i was and not settling for that life. now i'm so glad that i felt the way i did, because i wasnt being a brat, i knew there was something else out there. and there is, there is so much out there, things i havent even seen yet. why waste time in a place that makes you feel like you're going backward instead of forward.

so i'm sorry if any king's people read this and think i'm bragging or somehow insulting their way of life. i'm just finally happy where i am, and i don't think i should have to feel bad about that. Byeeee.

all photos on here are pieces designed by turn of the centuries.

Friday, September 18, 2009


welp, it's friday night and i don't have much to do. going out? nah. it's been such a cozy and cloudy day out and i feel like i barely left the house all day but i did, for a job interview. i'm pretty sure i got it, but i'm heading to a second interview there tomorrow afternoon. i'm so excited! let's just say it's at one of the places i featured in the last couple entries.

so, obvz fashion week has been going on. in fact, i'm about ready for it to be out of my google reader. i've been overwhelmed with all of the info every day once i log on that i'm almost sick of it. sorry, so sue me. of course i've fallen in love with many of the lines, judged a couple here and there, but i'm ready to pack it in. enough with the twitter updates, facebook alerts, blog entries, youtube shows. i'm about done. yes, me, from my safe bed in georgia far far away from all of the new york excitement. i can only imagine that all those involved are saying they're glad it's over. okay so let's re-cap.

i was honestly really impressed by christian siriano's collection. it had plenty of 'high fashion' elements, perfect for editorial but could easily be seen on a red carpet.

lela rose's collection was girly and simple with extremely interesting use of color that really gave it a pop, but kept the designs pretty simple. my roommate interned with her this summer and her sketch of one of lela's designs got in WWD this week!

L'wren Scott's presentation was gorgeous and feminine. My favorite look is the peach dress with the dainty light green puff sleeve. so so so perfect.

phillip lim, oscar de la renta and nanette lepore always make me want to cry with how beautiful their work is, season after season. i feel the same way about designers like carolina herrara, marchesa, chris benz, michael kors, etc. basically the safe, classic and feminine designs. i'm really not all about the lady gaga freak show couture shock value fashion.

many of the presentations kind of blended into each other after a while. the obvious trends of beautiful candy like colors, high waisted, body-con silhouettes, a lot of use of my two favorite puke colors mustard and chartreuse which made me happy. i have to say i was counting down the minutes until i could see Rodarte's collection and i was not into it at all, same with marc jacobs. i loved marc by marc though. it was fun and easy to picture people in which is always what i like.

i'm not sure what else i have to say about all of it because i can't even remember everything that i've seen. it was fashion image internet overload.

Monday, September 14, 2009

fashion week post soon. fell in love with so many collections. today was my first day of classes. i only had one class, which was art history and tomorrow will be my first drawing class and first 2d design class. it's all so scary but in the best way. one thing that really became apparent to me as soon as i set foot in the classroom, the overall attitude was different than the past 6 school years of my life.

there was the kid in crazy pants next to me, requesting to be called a whole other name than his own, a girl dressed like pat benetar, a couple random goth kids, etc. As i looked around the room, no one was openly judging. there was no jock in the back of the class making wise cracks about the 'weird kid', or talking about how 'retarded' the class was. there was no girl in sweatpants on her cell phone giving dirty looks. no one was doing any of that. people seemed to want to be there. for once. it felt nice.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


i'm obsessed with jane's look in this photo. that is probably the ultimate dream outfit. i've been dying for a coat like that, but more importantly a place to wear it. Walking through rural PA in that would turn heads in the worst way ever (that chapter is clearly over anyway), the suburbs of the Jersey shore? Maybe, but mostly no. In GA it's a bit too hot. Oh well. I guess that's why it's a dream outfit.


i'm so in love with my new Liberty of London print Nike dunks. I bought them through The Hipster Mom's ebay shop. I've been searching for these for months! They are a tiny bit small but not uncomfortable. Perfect for faaaaalllll. I can't wait to wear 'em, even if I look crazy in them.

oh, and today found the perfect place today, literally steps away from my home! i've been reading about Back in The Day Bakery everywhere when there is an article about Savannah. From magazines like Real Simple, Lucky, Bust, Nylon, etc. All my favez. So i knew I had to check it out. I met up with etsy friend & fellow SCAD student Jessica for lunch & i took home a cupcake & nutella cookie. It was one of the cutest places I have ever seen. I had a delicious chicken & arugla pesto panini with fontina cheese. The inside is beautiful, bright with the most perfect vintage feel. I can't wait to go back.

I found this really great blog entry about Savannah that I really loved because it features all of my favorite places so far. I'm totally being 'that girl' with the new boyfriend when that's all I can talk about. Relating everything back to her new love affair. Except i'm not dating a human, i'm dating a city?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

jackie oh oh oh oh oh

currently, i'm reading a jackie kennedy onasis biography called "as we remember her". it's filled with quotes & stories from friends and family, and other details about her life. it's a beautiful book about a beautiful person. my mom is a huge kennedy family fan, so i've gotten quite into it. jackie has always been an idol for me and the more i learn about her, the more i love her. she was really quite perfect, especially for the very unperfect things she had to go through. always glamorous as a good mother, wife/widow, smart and sophisticated woman.

every time i embarrass myself or do something not...ladylike, i always think "FUCK. what would jackie O do?" for starters, she definitely wouldn't say the word "fuck" a lot. she also wouldnt have gotten drunk three nights in a row in a city where she just moved to. i have a couple things to work on i guess.

the new PAD

well, here are some photos of my new home. i didn't take many pics of the outside or my 3 roommates' rooms (obvz. gotta give them some privacy ya'll.) but other than that, i think it gives a good little glimpse into my home life here. it's pretty exciting.

tomorrow I'm hoping to head over to back in the day bakery, which i realized is only a 2 minute walk from my house! i need to start exploring my neighborhood better. Savannah is a bit confusing. As charming as it is, one step in the wrong direction and you can find yourself in trouble. i really love it here, it just gives me this wonderful feeling i can't describe. similar to home but in a different way. there's so much to explore and do. i do miss my little office, my mom, new jersey, my car. i can't wait to have visitors.

my roommate jordan and i are the only ones here so far (two more are on the way!) and we've been getting so creative in the kitchen. this week i made spinach pesto potato pancakes, and tonight i made chilli all from scratch. last night, we ate dinner out on the balcony with a glass of wine and a delicious chicken & italian herb cheese filling with orzo that jordan made. tons of other dishes have been taking place also. it's cheaper and better to cook every meal. i'm becoming a master dish washer which will make my mom feel relieved.

classes start on monday! yikes! i'm ready to get it started though and feel completely self conscious at how bad i am at drawing (again). normal posts not concerning my personal life will continue shortly, don't even worry guys.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I keep trying to think of things to blog about that don't have anything to do with savannah but that's extremely hard. each and everyday i discover something new and exciting about this magical city so forgive me, but i'm going to promote the shit out of this town every now and then (or a lot). who knows, maybe you'll take a trip here one day and this will be useful. Either way, expect pretty things and places.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about my favorite Savannah discoveries so far would be The Paris Market. It's a complete dream place with all things French inspired. Beautiful home decor, vintage odds & ends, perfect coffee table books, wonderful perfume & candles, and a section to order drinks and pastries. I've been in four times this week to get the french garden iced tea which is infused with lavender. It's the most delicious and refreshing thing i've ever had. The place makes me feel so alive and inspired. Everywhere you turn, there is something feminine and beautiful staring you in the face.

So many things in this city are French inspired, so i'm in heaven. I'm also currently reading a Jackie Kennedy Onasis biography and she was so inspired by French things and so is my room (and my life) so I feel like everything in my world right now is making sense. I miss my mom & new jersey like crazy but i will get through that. everyone is literally so friendly and nice here, i've been in shock. i've made so many friends already and SCAD hasnt even started the semester yet. I'll post photos of my place tomorrow.

also, pralines will be an evil devil on my shoulder while living here. the evil stepsister, and the voice of sin and horror, but oh so fucking good.