Thursday, September 10, 2009


i'm so in love with my new Liberty of London print Nike dunks. I bought them through The Hipster Mom's ebay shop. I've been searching for these for months! They are a tiny bit small but not uncomfortable. Perfect for faaaaalllll. I can't wait to wear 'em, even if I look crazy in them.

oh, and today found the perfect place today, literally steps away from my home! i've been reading about Back in The Day Bakery everywhere when there is an article about Savannah. From magazines like Real Simple, Lucky, Bust, Nylon, etc. All my favez. So i knew I had to check it out. I met up with etsy friend & fellow SCAD student Jessica for lunch & i took home a cupcake & nutella cookie. It was one of the cutest places I have ever seen. I had a delicious chicken & arugla pesto panini with fontina cheese. The inside is beautiful, bright with the most perfect vintage feel. I can't wait to go back.

I found this really great blog entry about Savannah that I really loved because it features all of my favorite places so far. I'm totally being 'that girl' with the new boyfriend when that's all I can talk about. Relating everything back to her new love affair. Except i'm not dating a human, i'm dating a city?