Friday, July 31, 2009

how to (maybe) wear it..

Since one of the main purposes of this blog is to get the word out about new pieces I've made for eighty8, i've decided to feature four items from the shop, style it up a bit with outfits/accessories/fragrance I think would fit perfectly. It's just my take on each piece, so take a look!

all four items can all be found here.

jimmy brooks

I never listen to the radio so i'm a bit out of touch with 'mainstream music' except for whatever I read on my gossip blogs (ONTD, haayyy) which usually means I'm reading about GaGa's latest song or Kelly Clarkson's song drama, never actually listening to it until I'm forced to. Once I'm forced to, usually I either think "WOW NO" or "...I can get into it." which brings me to Drake.

Drake, aka: Aubrey Graham, aka: Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi teamed up with Lil Wayne and whoever else for his first album and everyones fucking obsessed with it. I just wanted to ignore it forever, hide in my room watching Jimmy in his wheelchair on Degrassi with his teen issues and hope that Craig & Ashley show up in the episode somehow but no. I gave in and became obsessed with this song. The video above is not the official video since that one makes me want to vomit (tons of floppy jaloppy titties floating about. makes me sad) but hey, this video has the lyrics on it. Learn them & try and impress your friends with it which will probably cause the reaction of "You're just getting into this song? Come ON", and then you will feel embarassed and unpopular like you did in 5th grade. Mainstream rap often makes me feel like I'm the only girl in Mrs. Oakerson's class without Angel jeans and the right colored striped white addidas shoes again.

Anyway, this song will go on the list of songs on a playlist i have called "Uh Oh", which everyday makes me feel thankful that my office is in the way way down bottom basement where no one can really hear just how many times I play PYT by Michael Jackson, this song and whatever else I have on there...aka: secrets. (run on sentence, i know. i call the shots here.)

i don't know. i never would have thought that i'd consider this guy a dreamboat but i do. he has the whole package! h8ers keep on h8ing. i love him! actually both of them but apatow has a pretty cool and beautiful wife. me? whatever, it's fine.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

beatles wives/girlfriends

i always enjoy reading about the beatles, listening to their music, and learning more about their lives especially their personal lives. this past year i read Patti Boyd's autobiography and a Linda McCartney biography. Both were extremely interesting on different levels.

Boyd's story was almost lonely because she was George Harrison's young bride, during the 60's where they were just young, partying and adventurous, but she was sort of 'given off' to Eric Clapton. I guess George was pretty into that idea. With Linda's story, it was a more serious, heartbreaking, true love tone. McCartney had already established herself as a rock & roll photographer and single mom before she ever met Paul. After many years together, several children and her own business ventures, Linda sadly passed away from breast cancer. This picture breaks my heart. (Paul looking at Linda's photography)

Linda was the real deal, and so was Yoko Ono, where Boyd was sort of just a young love. Either way, I love reading about love, especially mixed with great style and good music. Biographies/autobiographies will never stop inspiring me to try and make sure my life is what I want it to be. Will I ever be parading around India with superstars ? Doubt it, but whatever!

Monday, July 27, 2009

the literal cool jams

today was exhausting. i had to wake up so early for class and for 3 and a half hours had to try and peel my eyes open and pour millions of pounds of coffee into my body so I could function. all of that effort didnt even work. the whole day i was on the go and finally just now sat down to do ma thang. i made a playlist to listen to for background music so i figured i'd share. i'll keep adding more onto it.

ps: i think i found a healthier cure to my sleep issues..sleepytime tea! better for my organs than tylenol PM, although that shit feels so good sometimes. a crazy person tired daze of happiness and "if i get up, i will melt" feeling comes over you within 30 mins of taking two tablets. hard to beat. this is my heroin, and by that i mean that i'm about as experimental with drugs as Shiloh Jolie Pitt is (sarcasm for sleepy drugs is as far as i go usually..)

onto the playlist..

almost august
photo credit- eighty 8 designs! still available

well, I'm back from my little road trip to Boston & Vermont. i took a bus from NYC to Boston for 15 bucks, met up with my two friends and spent the night there. Boston is beautiful, i haven't been there since I was really little so it was nice to go back and see what was up there. we walked around, hung around the harbour and stuff. at night, things kind of turned into a bit of a drag so hopefully next time back it will be a bit more pleasant. the next day Abby & Tara gave me a tiny tour of Cambridge and Newbury street, and then ab and I began our quest to Vermont.

we stopped at a tiny farm where her friend Bruce works with this older woman, helping her in her garden and around her house. it was really so beautiful and peaceful. we met her children and baby grandson who was adorable and tiny. soon after, we drove straight to Burlington and i fell in love with the town, all of the green scenery, and the people. it was really a perfect little trip. lots of shopping, eating at the best restaurants, and meeting very great people.

seeing her college & her college friends really made me feel so confident and reassured in my decision to transfer to a new school. Especially now that I know how college life can be and how it should be, if that makes any sense. Each and every person I met there were all so kind, interesting, and fun with good heads on their shoulders. You could tell they were all going places. This weekend made me feel normal for wanting a certain college experiance that I truly was not getting at King's.

On the way home we just listened to the best music and drove through the actual cutest towns I have ever seen in my life. It took about 7 hours but it was so great. Definitely one of the best parts of my summer. I never get sick of the fact that my best friend is the funniest and nicest person I know.

Monday, July 20, 2009

me time.

Throughout this blog, I rarely post personal photos. So here are a bunch of random ones from different times (around the past two years or so. lots of different hair styles, try and find me.) with different people, places and memories that make me pretty happy. There's a lot more where this came from but hey. maybe another time.

I've been ultra nostalgic lately, it's either because I'm a neurotic, paranoid freak or because I'm home with (some) time on my hands and everything around here reminds me of events and people from the past. Both good and bad. Last night and into this morning I had the most vivid, sad, and frightening dream about this guy I 'dated' my senior year of high school. I met him towards the spring, he was a senior in college, and the few times we were together we seemed to bring out the worst/best in each other. I liked him but he was so much older and 'cooler' than me (and also kind of spooky, im just being honest ya'll..)and I was too drunk and young to even attempt to make this 'thing' work between us. It was what it was and it ended pretty quick, blah blah blah. tears on my pillow, right? not really but that gives it a more teen-drama effect.

ANYWAY, in the dream, he died and I felt so heartbroken. It was such a horrible dream that literally never ended! As soon as I woke up, I googled him to make sure he was still alive. He is, and has a great job at a fancy restaurant in NYC. Good for him, I just had to make sure he wasn't dead. I wonder what would happen if I ever saw him again. It's funny how the most random people show up out of nowhere when you least expect it. He 'broke my heart' (or so i thought. ) and I wound up dating his friend a year later (oops?) He contacted me a couple times last summer and all of his messages were quite ominous, like he was just a lost soul, saying the most odd things. Seems like he now found himself a nice little career and life.

It's funny how people, feelings and all of that change in only a year or two, although it feels like 10 years. And how someone who could only be in your life for 2 months could spark a dream 2 years later that affects your whole day and makes you want to make sure that person is okay. I wonder who the hell has dreams about me, googles me to 'see if i'm okay', and comes across Zero. Every time I google myself it's always about old women named Sarah dying in 1898 or some tv producer. Unless he googles me, finds this, and then it could get weird.

this song is one of those songs I have on repeat for hours and get anxiety that I'll get sick of it one of these days. Has not happened yet, luckily.

ps: i will be gone the rest of the week. meeting my friends in boston then roadtripping to vermont til sunday!