Saturday, January 31, 2009

Waking up on a Saturday morning, clear-headed and alive, with the entire day ahead of you is one of the best feelings. I love finding hidden gems in places where I never would have expected to find them. Mary and I took a nice little road trip to Scranton, which is not far from W-B at all, and fell in love with these tiny wonderful places. Anthology New & Used Books, Embassy Vinyl, Lavish, and GreenBeing. And during my only other trip to Scranton, I really liked Eden, which is a vegan cafe. Although, a vegan cheesesteak is nothing like the real thing, i'm just letting you know. So to the 2 people who read this blog, if you ever find yourself in this section of PA, go to those places. They're great!

Last night I attempted to watch Gummo, but stopped. Where did Harmony Korine manage to find people that look like this? It was weird and good, so I'll probably finish it another day. I liked Chloe Sevigny's lack of eyebrows, and the over all white-trashness of the entire film.

I've been listening to Band of Horses' "Cease to Begin" album all day today and yesterday. The song "No One's Gonna Love You" has become a favorite.

"and anything to make you smile,

It is a better side of you to admire"

i'm excited for tonight & tomorrow. bye!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i'm well aware that joanna newsom sounds like a strange cartoon princess, but i cannot help but fall in love with her music. she's so whimsical and captures this odd medievel sound that isnt something I could listen to 24/7, but once it comes onto my playlist, it's a nice treat.

my all time favorite song of hers is Emily, which is long and completely beautiful. I listen to her lyrics and am left puzzled at how great they are. I'm no poet, nor a musician, so with every song I fall in love with, i am left even more impressed and confused at how musician's brains work. How a song is composed, how one can think of these words to go along with the sound is all foreign territory to me. I've never played an instrument, or written a song but I have so much respect for those who do. Even something as shitty as some horrible pop punk song, or even country. I just still have respect for people who can make a fucking song out of thin air and have it travel into people's ears.
collin meloy of the decemberists does a cover of newsom's song Bridges and Balloons. it's worth listening to, although her voice is really what gives the song it's true character, i must say. not his.

here is the original version. it will always remind me of driving to high school while it was so snowy out and I was tired/miserable, and this song would just make my mornings a little bit better.

Bridges and Balloons - Joanna Newsom

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a duck with flowers on its head post

2 not LOLs about school:

  1. today i became an actual insane person. even more so than usual. not 'oh hey i forgot where i was going for a second!' crazy, or even 'why did i walk into this room again?' crazy. actual, literal, "where did my classroom disappear to" crazy. thanks to a compressed schedule, my photography class was supposed to be held at 1pm instead of 1230..i show up..there is an entirely different class in there, claiming they were the 12:30 photo class. not me. WHAT?

  2. in one of my classes the other day, there was about 4 minutes of awkward silence due to the fact that the teacher asked "what is circumcision?", while having crazy jazz fingers in the air. look..we KNOW what it means. why do we have to say it? why does he have to ask it? and more importantly, why waste 4 minutes of class time WAITING for the answer.

Monday, January 26, 2009

you are my voice

being home this weekend was just what i needed. ate lots of soup, saw Revolutionary Road, hung around with my Mom, read and laid. my cold is finally going away and I'm sitting in my little corner of my dorm trying to figure out a cozier place to be than where I am at this moment. maybe my bed at home but that's not an option right now, and that's alright. Sometimes all I need to complete my day is just my blankets, pillows, my pals, and my Ruckus player.

i've been obsessed with listening to Nada Surf's High/Low album everyday when I wake up and when I go to sleep. my arms, legs, hands, and everything in me feel so content. i love moments like this. its been happening a lot lately.

i'm sprucing up my resume to apply for a bunch of internships in the city for the summer and my head is pounding. probably because of the chai apple tea fusion from starbucks that I sipped on for so long. it was kind of a mind fuck and i'm paying the price now as I type this. what the hell is a tea fusion anyway? nottt reeeallly as into it as I thought i'd be. sugar fucks me up. i instantly turn into a hyper kid again only this time I don't have a juicebox stained mouth and my parents around to annoy.

i'm completely in love with the new Coconut Records song "microphone".

goodnight world~

Sunday, January 25, 2009


sometimes when I wake up in the morning, or even when there is a slight gust of wind, I instantly turn into someone who looks like they should sell hot dogs at a Nascar race. i'm not kidding.


facebook and blogger does weird things to my brain. or maybe I do weird things to facebook and blogger? well, anyway, these things are stalker things. i somehow found (actually it was easy I just typed his name in..) my elementary school crush on facebook. I loved him as much as a tiny loud 6 year old girl could love a boogery shy 6 year old boy. turns out he goes to NYU and is still incredibly beautiful and interesting. sometimes I cringe when I think about how I had to go and erase the Einstein sketch that he made for our group project in third grade and made him cry. Why? What was the point of that 3rd Grade Sarah? What were you accomplishing aside from creating smart-perfect boy tears?

But, how does anyone explain my other elementary school crush on the Asian boy named Thomas who chose to hop around like a frog instead of walking, ate shrimp chips that would smell up the entire classroom and wore the same shirt every day? I don't think I did anything completely detrimental to him except stare at him lovingly and hysterically laugh when the teacher would belittle him and tell him to 'walk like a normal person'. MAYBE THOMAS WASNT NORMAL. MAYBE HE WAS SPECIAL. He was probably onto something because I bet he has very strong thigh muscles from all that squatting. Who has the last laugh now? Those who are physically fit always win in the end.

I guess my taste in men has always been confusing even when I wore Gap Kids and had a forehead that was larger than my entire body. Some things never change. I'm always rooting for both the beautiful guy and the weirdy.

Friday, January 23, 2009

what the hell is a role model

i'm sick of hearing people say that suddenly there are so many horrible 'role models' for girls. why can't the 'bad girls' also be models to younger generations? just because Barbie doll liked her malibu dream boat a tiny bit more than having a career (she got one eventually. i had the barbie plane..who piloted? barbie.) and had plastic boobs doesnt mean that she didnt represent some kind of girl out there. i had thousands of barbie dolls, and here i am..20 years old, trying to follow my dreams. none of those dreams include plastic boobs and a malibu dream boat. there are sucky role models out there but there are positive ones too. both are important to see, cause both are a reality.

Maybe mothers of little boys should sit them in front of Rock Of Love and teach them "don't date girls like this. they exist." Or little girls should be shown Bromance/Celebrity Rehab, and told to stray from syphillis carrying guys with a sparkle in their eye. Simple as that.

babies are going to grow up and go on the school bus hearing that there is no Santa, that 'fuck' is a word and that wiener does not always mean hot dog (personal experience on the bus going to camp at age 5.) It's going to happen. i don't think anyone really wants their kid being the 25 year old virgin who still wears panty hose under her jeans because the only t.v she was allowed to watch was Murder She Wrote. so, stop censoring.

love, sarah

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

look up, look up, find what you need

nothing is cozier than my hello kitty blanket. my nieces gave it to me for christmas this year and it's the most comfortable thing in the world. it features loud colors with a tourist hello kitty on it holding a camera and a map. i have way too much living in my bed with me. including two stuffed animals, one that jingles loudly and a snowman that has throw up stains on it. also, crushed raisinetts and a stain on my comforter from chocolate soy milk. doesnt this make me sound like the most enticing person in the USA?

here's a lil playlist guy for this week:
down by the river- neil young
look up- mirah
award tour- a tribe called quest
look at me (when i rock wichoo)- black kids
the world is yours- nas
im waiting for the man- the velvet underground
lousy weekend- daniel johnston
tree house- nada surf
a shot in the arm- wilco
trust vs. mistrust- the spinto band
travel song- someone still loves you boris yeltsin
raquel- neon neon
dancing in the dark-bruce springsteen
heavy metal- clap your hands say yeah
willful dispension of disbelief- modest mouse
blister in the sun- violent femmes
moonlight mile- the rolling stones

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YES WE CAN! yes i can!

today was one of the most special days i have had in years. crying tears of joy happens rarely. it's like one of those things where you feel it and you can't speak but it flows out of your eyes like a waterfall and you don't understand how it works. it seems more natural to cry when you're sad? bodies are strange. today i cried tears of joy, twice, for two very different moments that occured in this short span of 24 hours.

to see that the world can be good, and that people can be proud, strong, and open minded moved me to tears. the entire day was dedicated to this man who is now the face of our nation, with his beautiful wife and tiny daughters. we're in for something new, and that is wonderful, scary and exciting.

on top of the excitement of our new first family, I recieved an acceptance letter from Savannah College of Art & Deisgn for fall 2009. it feels as if 1,000 bricks were raised off of my back, and a cloud lifted from my eyes. it still has not settled into my brain that i will be able to start a whole new chapter of my life in an interesting, great city far from my comfort zone. most importantly, i'll be able to study what i love. it's going to be a challenge but that is exactly what i need and want. i'm in for something new, and that is wonderful, scary and exciting.

it's funny that the two happened on the same day. they both represent the unknown, but absolute change. america has fallen on hard times and obama seems to be the answer. he's a man who promises to bring us up, help us be the best America that we can. I see this school as the same thing. It's a change. It's unkown. It's a little scary. It needs to be done. Atleast to say we tried. Atleast to say I tried. And I did try, and won. The future is blurry but atleast we're on the right road. Personally, for me, and as a nation, for all of us.

:) this day will be one to remember forever.

Monday, January 19, 2009

& if you don't love me, let me go

today i woke up all frazzled (picture this) and out of sorts due to the fact that my alarm clock did not go off in time. it didnt make that much of a difference but I hopped on the shuttle to campus and spent the day with my friends. eating at good ol' connertons for lunch, as usual, talking about disgusting things and then heading to the scranton area for a day of destiny's child songs, boys, snow, ice cream, "horses" and just plain girlfun.

the plus side to my heart becoming slowly but surely like stone, is that i've realized just how important relationships with your girlfriends are. i've always known it but i'm not sure I always made it a main focus until now. for my entire life, my female friends outnumbered male friends but always in the back of my mind I wished for some kind of wonderful guy to come along and sweep me off my feet. sometimes they did, sometimes they didnt. sometimes those 'cool guys' turned out to be not so cool. sometimes they were cool. you win some, you lose some. no one wants to be lonely of course, but the ultimate form of lonliness is the kind where you don't even have your friends to count on.

girlfriends, good ones that is, will always fucking be there for you in some shape or form. sometimes words dont even have to be exchanged. simply driving around aimlessly listening to the best music, eating disgusting food, watching cheesy TLC shows about babies/little people, or getting drunk off cheap alcohol, saying whatever we want, not giving a shit is the perfect escape. my friends always know how to put a smile on my face when i need it the most.

i can safely say that aside from my family (mainly my mom) i have about five girl friends that I know i can call and cry to, and they will listen to me and care. after hearing so many horror stories about bad boyfriends, or just guys who are complete creeps and liars using these wonderful girls, i don't miss any of it, nor do i look forward to it happening again in the future. but ya know what? who needs it? not now. not when i know i can just hop in a car with my friends, talk about beastality, bad proms, watch bad TV and not give a shit about who is or is not texting, or wanting to date us because who the fuck cares after awhile. I feel like i'm a Beyonce lyric but it's all becoming apparent to me. things become clear and freeing when you least expect it to.

no one wants the crazy obsessive girl, but sometimes no one at the moment wants the normal cool girl either. so you gotta' have a million other things to rely on than some dude.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

what has been in and around my ears lately:
le tigre

clap your hands say yeah

someone still loves you boris yeltsin

a tribe called quest
modest mouse

black kids

music is what i wake up to, get dressed to, walk to class to, walk home to, fall asleep to. repeat. when it's not in my ears, it's in my brain and in my heart.

da square

living off campus (yet still dorming. if that makes sense) has it's perks. lots of privacy and all of that. not so much pressure to be all CoLLeGeY. however, it has it's down side. especially when the weather is freezing and you have a long trek ahead of you just to attend class.

yesterday i missed the god-damn kings college shuttle and had to walk my not-prepared-for-snow ass to school with black flats on and no socks? Very Cold. anyway, as i was walking through the square i noticed some of my favorite 'locals'. the square, which is not so square-y if you ask me, is a spot where many crazy people like to hang out. it's their comfort zone, ya know?

first, there is a woman that is probably 1 foot tall and 20 lbs. she is very wrinkled, shriveled and appears to have once been a normal sized person but simply shrunk over the years. maybe she just got sick of being normal sized? so now she is Very small, with tiny clothes and is always making a sad clown face. then there is an overweight woman who jets around in her wheelchair so so fast, with a tiny little boy trailing behind her. i count on her to be in the square all the time, and she is. or the person who was touching pigeons with his hands and talking to them, and then went to his food-stand to cook food and serve it to people. with his fucking pigeon dirt hands. another favorite is a precious old man who sits in a wheel chair staring at the wall by the senior center near my dorm. he wears a hat and big glasses everyday and sometimes I have the urge to just say "how are you?". i really should one day. one time he was missing from his usual spot but i spotted him, in his chair, across town and I still wonder how the fuck he even got there.

the moral to this story is that on my way to school, freezing cold, i spotted a black man wearing a long, luxurious fur black coat. he truly knew what was up. he waltzed around like he owned the place, screamin to every person and laughing like a maniac. I couldnt stop staring. I needed to take it all in. he was an actual crazy person. but who had the last laugh? him. because he was warm and i was the frost-bitten ass hole wearing flats in 3 degree weather. he totally won. i bet he is still winning somewhere as i'm typing this..


taken with my new fish eye lense!

oh..hi internet. i'm back in my little nook (aka: my corner of my dorm) in north eastern PA. it's 100% cozy in our little room, and it's so good to be back with my pal/rommate mary. outside however, is just as i expected. it is snowy, icy, windy, gray and depressing. infact, today I woke up at 8am, took a shower, looked out my window to the white covered mountains and streets and said "nope." and crawled back to bed. is that a bad sign? absolutely. i don't want a repeat of last winter. after recieving an email yesterday about a certain 'winter flu' going around, i've come to the conclusion that I, infact, am suffering from the winter flu. just today. yep, just today.

anyway, a couple new things in my life would be that I now have bangs, and i'm unsure of them. i'm about to start reading the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (after i'm finally done with this gem), and i'm going to try and make this winter better than the last, and stop thinking negatively about where I am. that's just going to feed the probelmo.

okay, time to go watch The View...because, today is a 'me' day and on 'me' days i watch horrible TV and wear the most unflattering pair of stretch pants with flowers on them and a tee shirt that says "jersey shore" in shy, small print. that outfit in itself is a complete wet dream for any red blooded male.