Wednesday, June 30, 2010

tina chow

chris benz resort '11

i love it. i want all of it.

the colors, the textures, the over-all look of each outfit. i'm just a sucker for old fashioned simplicity with a ~*spLAsH~* of glamour. a tiny bit of gold thrown in, a subtle shimmer, a brocade, some sort of flashy accessory paired with something very simple. i appreciate innovative, modern, fashion forward designs but in the end, i just love classic with an edge. granny grunge is what i like to describe my style or atleast how i think of it in my head.

i wish i had somewhere real and cool to go to everyday so i can actually put complete effort into what i'm wearing. i just dress for comfort & for dragging myself from class to class, or going 'out' when it's 900 degrees. not many cute or interesting options. or maybe i'm just being lazy. i try and definitely care about what i wear everyday and never just throw on something in a hurry. everything is still semi-thought out and personalized still (i know you caareee...) but, i need to step it UP. gettin' rid of a lot of my frumptastic clothes & startin fresh on somethin' new. but not TOO new.

chris benz is one of my favorite designers. i think his collections are beautiful and always have a bit of something new and extra while still keeping in mind what makes a woman look and feel pretty. also, still simple enough so each woman (or man! hay it's 2010 let's git real y'all) who wears his pieces can style it themselves with accessories/their own flare to make it them. the outfit doesn't wear the woman, the woman wears the outfit.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


now that i have my own little kitchen, i can't stop staring at it & looking at kitchen decorating ideas. maybe it's because i've had my own room, my own dorms, own bathroom etc. but never my own kitchen. it's just a whole other room to put old lady things in and decorate with a whole other use than a bedroom! how exciting right!? every 21 year old's dream, right? kegs, men and kitchens.

i'm becoming a crazy person because over my stove, my mom helped me put a tiny shelf that holds some spices, a picture & a floral canister from the Liberty of London collection at Target. I just think it's so cute and love looking at it. I feel like a Seinfeld character or something that just wants to talk about a shelf and how cool it is and how it's the best. when in reality, it's a shelf.

anyway. those two photos above are not mine obviously, but i lost the source addresses so sorry world. that kitchen is gorgeous, and the rug in the other photo is my newest obsession. i want an aztec/navajo/tribal print rug or throw blanket. NOW.


i really just love flat shoes. i can't get enough. they make me look shorter than I am and not like a tall gazelle, that's for sure. but i don't care. one day i'll grow up and start wearing heels/wedges but not today. it's so easy to avoid being miserable in heels all day when flats are just so cute.

ps- i am going to try and take photos of my new apartment today and upload them later. my internet SUCKS at my new place. that part is a negative and so is the fact that my upstairs neighbor is the LOUDEST human. still, with all of that said...i am so happy there. so keep an eye out for ~*PIX~* okay bye.
buy those shoes here

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new home

sorry I've been M.I.A lately. I've moved back to Savannah for the summer and also into my new little home. it is so tiny and cozy. everything is unpacked and almost ready. my dad just left after helping me move things in and my mom will be arriving Thursday to help me get some things and decorate a bit. it's been hectic but fun. since arriving here on Sunday, i have managed to start my classes, make this tiny abode more 'me', and also have some fun. i cant wait to be officially settled in and 100% out of the old place. tonight is my first night, sleeping on this new fluffy mattress, with a weak Internet signal but i don't even care. let's hope i don't drive myself crazy imagining that i hear creepy noises or something.

but really..i like stepping out my front door, being able to smell the meals cooking at the restaurant across the street, see people walking their dogs, hear carriage rides going down the cobblestone streets, being close to a lot of great things savannah has to offer and not to mention being able to walk to one of my favorite places to eat/drink. oh, and living alone? i can get used to this. it all kind of rules.

i will post pictures soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

cool jam

have you guys seen the UK Esquire video of Daisy Lowe dancing to this song? YIKES. She is kiiind of a perfect human. i love her. That video made me question my love for dudes. Im not posting it on here cause what I am really into is this SONG. it is so fun and dancey. start liking it.

ps- im back in savannah and almost moved into my new place! summer classes start tomorrow. yeeEeeAAaay

Friday, June 18, 2010


just a few things i love about these photos:
the lip color, stripes/ruffles, the sparkly, chunky jewelry, the tortoise shell sunnies, and the laid-back, mix and match glamourous look.

jeeeez. beautiful.

thank you moodboard!


july 2010 - Vogue China


Thursday, June 17, 2010


as much as i love antique/old styled furniture and decor, i really love certain modern pieces also. these chairs are so great. i especially love the caged ones and the retro-60's looking plastic ones. i'm horrible at describing furniture! just awful. however, i know what i like.

all of these can be found at SmartFurniture.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

joaquin phoenix

Walk the Line is probably one of my favorite movies ever. I'm watching it right now, and I always just get goosebumps when it's on. It's so great and it made me really fall in love with Johnny Cash's music. June & Johnny's love story is just so precious.

Obviously, Joaquin Phoenix is extremely attractive. I even think his recent insane person/hobo look was cute, in fact I prefer that but hey who's askin' me anyway! Enjoy the photos/face. let's hope he regroups and gets his crazy ass together so we can see him around more often.


peter lindbergh's first Vogue spread in 18 years. i love it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

marion cotillard (for American Vogue july 2010)

i love her so much. she just reminds me of an old photograph of a beautiful retro glamour actress, yet she's so simple. read parts of the interview here.