Wednesday, June 30, 2010

chris benz resort '11

i love it. i want all of it.

the colors, the textures, the over-all look of each outfit. i'm just a sucker for old fashioned simplicity with a ~*spLAsH~* of glamour. a tiny bit of gold thrown in, a subtle shimmer, a brocade, some sort of flashy accessory paired with something very simple. i appreciate innovative, modern, fashion forward designs but in the end, i just love classic with an edge. granny grunge is what i like to describe my style or atleast how i think of it in my head.

i wish i had somewhere real and cool to go to everyday so i can actually put complete effort into what i'm wearing. i just dress for comfort & for dragging myself from class to class, or going 'out' when it's 900 degrees. not many cute or interesting options. or maybe i'm just being lazy. i try and definitely care about what i wear everyday and never just throw on something in a hurry. everything is still semi-thought out and personalized still (i know you caareee...) but, i need to step it UP. gettin' rid of a lot of my frumptastic clothes & startin fresh on somethin' new. but not TOO new.

chris benz is one of my favorite designers. i think his collections are beautiful and always have a bit of something new and extra while still keeping in mind what makes a woman look and feel pretty. also, still simple enough so each woman (or man! hay it's 2010 let's git real y'all) who wears his pieces can style it themselves with accessories/their own flare to make it them. the outfit doesn't wear the woman, the woman wears the outfit.