Saturday, July 31, 2010

i love the pixies.

why i love thrift stores

the list is miles long as to why i love thrift stores, but finding gems such as this is probably close to the number 4 or 5 spot on that long list. I should have bought it.

ps: i am in the process of completing a little decorating project in my living room. once it is complete, i will post pictures of the rest of my place. i know, calm down. seriously. calm down! i'm hurrying!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the perfect drive.

Okay, so this video is part of my mid-quarter project for my Applied Creative Thinking class. The assignment was to go on a 'derive' (which is really just a journey/wander with a certain emotion/feeling/represents an experience.) and create a psycho geographic map of the derive, a re-creation of the derive to bring into class (using any medium. i chose digital film) and lastly, a write up about what we planned to accomplish with the assignment.

So really, I sort of re-created a derive that i accidentally went on a while back while wandering around Savannah in my car. In order for me to feel comfortable with a place, I like to drive around, get lost and find my way back to the start again. I love driving aimlessly, listening to music, and clearing my head. I find that this always leads me somewhere cool. One day it lead me to the Isle of Hope section of Savannah (which I've written about on here), which is one of the most beautiful sights i've ever seen. The drive itself is one of the best I've ever gone on.

It instantly had a calming effect on me and every now and then I travel on over there and wander. I always leave there feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy. I tried to capture those feelings with this video. I hope you get a feel for how it is out there and maybe one time go for yourself and feel it. For my map, I made a play list to go along with a bunch of photographs I took (basically photo form of what the video is). I then made the photos into spots on my 'map', with each photo representing a certain track on the 'perfect playlist' (i listed tracks from nina simone, arcade fire, cat power, pavement, etc. just very 'chill' songs.) for the 'perfect drive'.

i hope it makes sense. i'm so fucking nervous to present this. in this class there's no real right or wrong answer but it requires you not only to put your creativity to the test, but to literally put it up on the wall for everyone to pick apart. my class is pretty cool though and so is the teacher so i hope it is well received.

don't judge. it's the first 'film' i've ever made. youtube kind of messed with the quality but I burned it to a DVD just in case anyone wants it in good quality for Christmas presents! What a gift for Aunt Susie, huh? Just kidding.

Oh and hey IMovie, you've got some kinks to work out, okay dear? I had to re-create this thing two times cause IMovie lies and says it saves things when in reality, it doesn't. Oh well, it's done.

Enjoy the sights of beautiful Georgia and the sounds of Radiohead.

Monday, July 26, 2010

this is one of my favorite rolling stones songs ever. i wish i could spend a whole day in bed and listen to music but it's mid-terms week. too much to do. this weekend was though. next one is coming up..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

christopher kane resort 2011

just wow. these pieces have to be some of the most beautiful things i've seen in a while. the outstanding prints, the colors and clean silhouettes. this collection has to be the definition of dreamy.

in other news- this week brought both extremely exciting & sad news. i wish i could share both but one is going to remain top secret until further notice (!!) and the other, is just something personal. two different people i knew during my high school years (one, i knew very well and the other was a familiar & kind face in my homeroom and math classes all four years of hs) passed away unexpectedly at very young ages. it just brings things into perspective a little, yet it's not fair for their families. too fucking young. life is bizarre.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I discovered Spotted Moth after a couple of my favorite blogs posted about them. This bag caught my eye and i spontaneously ordered it. Thank bb jesus that I did cause now it's sold out! It's really roomy, with a beautiful striped print lining, with a detachable straps finished off with 'edgy' studded detail on the bottom of the bag. It fits my laptop and all of the other shit that I carry around on a daily basis.

The shop in general is so adorable completely filled with perfect merchandise. Not to mention, when my package arrived (so fast, i might add) it was wrapped in the most adorable way ever. Go buy things from them! Now!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

currently reading:

I think I've found a design twin. I'm in heaven with this book.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

i have updated way too much today so i'm going to take it easy the next 24/48 hours with posting but one last thing. my house has been taken over with knick knacks and kitschy pictures/items but lacking in photos of the ones I love and specific mementos that i've collected. this is where the two cork boards i have come into play.

i've been searching for a spot to put them, with no luck until tonight. the wall next to the pocket doors that take you from my bedroom to the living room area has been somewhat blank. it's the first thing i see when i open my eyes in the morning, so i decided to put those two boards up so i can see all my favorite souvenirs/letters/photos/ticket stubs/cards/etc. that mean so much to me. perfect way to end a very quiet saturday night.

oh, and there was a cat stare down this afternoon, which then lead to a brawl between four cats. i watched it all happen. i know, sad. one cat even FELL from that ledge. fell, screaming and crying. i hope it is alright! maybe I should have done something? it's like the Seinfeld finale. if that cat is dead I don't know what i'll do with myself!

alright. spending too much money at the bar last night has made me stay in tonight, which may mean that i've spent too many hours in my crazy old lady cocoon. time to go to bed.

jeff tweedy

these were taken by his son, which i think makes these pictures 100 times more wonderful because of that fact. i stole this from the kid's blog which yes, i follow because he's witty as hell and is 14 or something. when i was 14? riight. i'm pretty sure i was wearing aeropostale tee shirts listening to ashanti.

i hope the wilco police doesn't come and get me for taking his pictures. check out his blog, it's interesting to think that teens have brains and aren't terrifying, hanging out in malls, bein' all weird or something. of course jeff tweedy's son doesn't do that stuff. of course he's cool.

ossie clark (magic)

one of my favorite designers of the past has to be British designer Ossie Clark. i love the iconic silhouette of the long, flowy dresses with a somewhat structured top. i'm in love with the prints and the free, romantic feeling that the garments possess.

his designs look like the type of dress you want to go have fun in, be in love and not worry. ossie clark's work is so versatile, intended for a woman that is versatile herself. i can picture rolling stones' wives parading around on tour with the band in the south of France in the early 70's, throwing on one of these dresses, huge sunglasses, sipping on champagne. i can also picture a laid back bride wearing an all white peasant Clark gown at a backyard wedding with flowers in her hair, having a good time, feeling in love and not caring about tiny details & enjoying the moment.

If I had to be a total girl and design/dream about my 'perfect' wedding dress, it would be a white/creme colored, short puff sleeved gown inspired by vintage Ossie Clark.

Whimsical, romantic, beautiful and relaxing femininity.

babe paley

the other night i was talking to my mom about different style icons of the past and she brought up Babe Paley. I had never heard of her so after some googling, I discovered this swan-like, chic woman posing in the most beautiful and classic (also kind of sad) photographs.

though she once worked as a fashion editor at Vogue, Babe Paley is probably most famous for being a socialite and an icon of wealth & style. She married a couple of rich men, had some kids, etc. Kind of a typical socialite story. However, a lot of times these women were so pre-occupied with their image and staging photographs to make their lives look glamorous and perfect. As much as I love Jackie Kennedy, she's totally guilty of staging all of the "Camelot" photographs of her family when she was emotionally deteriorating underneith it all.

A lot of the vintage glamour photos of women we now look back on as these fashionable icons (which believe me, they were and deserve these titles) have a certain facade but these photos of Paley really show emotion. It shows glamour and beauty but emptiness. This idea of being surrounded by abundance of everything you'd probably ever want but feeling lost? Maybe I'm making this up or jumping to conclusions. Maybe she really was having a good time. Maybe she was just one of the first ones to jump on the brooding/serious/sad posing bandwagon we now know very well. I just think these are interesting.

Friday, July 16, 2010

paltrow for vogue

oh i love ya gwyneth. her house is wonderful and i think she is too. alright? these photos are beautiful.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

i love this song so much lately, especially for rainy/thunderstorm dayz (which happen almost every afternoon here except today for some reason)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my new home! (part one)

view from my bedroom window

today i finally got around to taking photos of what i've got goin' on so far with my new ~bachelorette~ pad. i'm waiting on taking pictures of my 'living room' area until I get my new chair. My brother was kind enough to give me an old chair he found and was trying to get rid of. It's extremely old and even had horsehair in the original cushion. I decided to reupholster the whole thing and it should be ready sometime this week! I'm so excited to see how it looks.

In the meantime, here are photos of my bedroom, kitchen & bathroom. It's getting there! It definitely looks like an old crazy lady lives there but that's the look I was going for kind of.

my bedroom is pretty comfortable, i must say. i lucked out with that amazing bed that the previous renters left when they moved out. it goes perfectly with everything i moved in. my favorite part has to be the chandelier, the molding, hardwood floors, the wall color and the fireplace (doesn't work, btw). The bamboo shades are something that was also left over from the previous renters and i may change them...but i love a dark room when i wake up sometimes. so we'll see.

Obviously, an old lady decorating scheme is not complete without a real life antique fur shawl, amiright? it's a conversation piece when someone walks in, i'd say. "what is that?" "why is that there?" "lol" or "that's cool!". depends on the person.

I spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it be cooking or creepin' around, but mainly it's to go on the internet. my internet sucks at this place (it should be getting fixed soon) but it works decent in the kitchen, right by the window. so i park myself there a lot of the time to ~surf the web~ and stuff. it's irritating though, i must admit. the only other place it works is sometimes in my room, only from the center of my bed, and that's a big sometimes.
view from my kitchen window of the little backyard. it's cute, tiny and almost feels like a jungle. i share it with two other people but it's still so private and quiet. i love just looking and sitting out there. it will be even better in the fall when the weather is not as humid and i won't have to sweat my bawls off.

last (for now) but not least is my little bathroom. i have collected so many framed photos/prints/etc. over the past year and i needed something to do with them. i've always wanted a wall of different sized, mismatching framed pictures so now i have one! it's my favorite thing i've done here so far..