Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my new home! (part one)

view from my bedroom window

today i finally got around to taking photos of what i've got goin' on so far with my new ~bachelorette~ pad. i'm waiting on taking pictures of my 'living room' area until I get my new chair. My brother was kind enough to give me an old chair he found and was trying to get rid of. It's extremely old and even had horsehair in the original cushion. I decided to reupholster the whole thing and it should be ready sometime this week! I'm so excited to see how it looks.

In the meantime, here are photos of my bedroom, kitchen & bathroom. It's getting there! It definitely looks like an old crazy lady lives there but that's the look I was going for kind of.

my bedroom is pretty comfortable, i must say. i lucked out with that amazing bed that the previous renters left when they moved out. it goes perfectly with everything i moved in. my favorite part has to be the chandelier, the molding, hardwood floors, the wall color and the fireplace (doesn't work, btw). The bamboo shades are something that was also left over from the previous renters and i may change them...but i love a dark room when i wake up sometimes. so we'll see.

Obviously, an old lady decorating scheme is not complete without a real life antique fur shawl, amiright? it's a conversation piece when someone walks in, i'd say. "what is that?" "why is that there?" "lol" or "that's cool!". depends on the person.

I spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it be cooking or creepin' around, but mainly it's to go on the internet. my internet sucks at this place (it should be getting fixed soon) but it works decent in the kitchen, right by the window. so i park myself there a lot of the time to ~surf the web~ and stuff. it's irritating though, i must admit. the only other place it works is sometimes in my room, only from the center of my bed, and that's a big sometimes.
view from my kitchen window of the little backyard. it's cute, tiny and almost feels like a jungle. i share it with two other people but it's still so private and quiet. i love just looking and sitting out there. it will be even better in the fall when the weather is not as humid and i won't have to sweat my bawls off.

last (for now) but not least is my little bathroom. i have collected so many framed photos/prints/etc. over the past year and i needed something to do with them. i've always wanted a wall of different sized, mismatching framed pictures so now i have one! it's my favorite thing i've done here so far..