Friday, September 26, 2008


it's possible to go overboard, especially with something as delicate as chanel. come on world. label whores must go.

taken from here

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i said you're losing your mind

long hair, short hair, drunk or sober...caleb from kings of leon's beautiful face and voice will forever make my life feel warm. i can't wait to hear the rest of their new album. so far, its amazing.

this melted my heart

these are some of my favorite ads from louis vuitton ever. i love the way they use different types of celebrities/models and show the product in the background, instead of being the center of the show. its beautiful.

however, a not so beautiful aspect of my life is the fact that i've developed a late night habit of listening to Mariah Carey's "#1s" cd. it's just so good, i can't stop. i just switch the track when she starts screeching and singing slow songs. i just need that good ol m.carey beat.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

everything is so 90's inspired now in fashion, which means its only natural for doc martin boots to make a comeback. daisy lowe is the new face for the brand in their new ad campaigns and she looks great in them, and i've seen others pull them off nicely. i personally love the flowery ones, because they remind me of a pair of boots that I wanted so much in second grade. I can't remember if I got them or not (i don't think i did.) but they were the same shape, with red & yellow tiny flowers. a girl in my class wore them with tights and a crazy dress and i was so fucking jealous.

Monday, September 22, 2008


anyone who knows me well, knows i love alexa chung and her style.
this is her at london fashion week 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

fuck off

okay. zac's reeeeallly time for you to go. you are a male, and you are already presented as a very feminine guy. there is sexuality questioning, you are perfectly groomed, with impecable poses, and more foundation on your face than my girl tammy faye. RIP. and now you go and show your face alone on teen vogue? fucked up!

with all of that said..when I go to sit in barnes & noble, to read numerous magazines that i don't purchase because i'm a cheap bastard, I don't intend on seeing your god damn face. whats next? are you going to be on the cover of Cosmo, posing in a red halter top and low rider jeans, with a blurb reading "Ten Ways to Please Your Guy" next to your pearly white smile? i can't deal with you and i never want to.

you'll never make it in this town, and by town i mean wilkes-barre, PA.
xoxooxoxoxox sarah

okay so..

i really am not one to dream about my wedding/wedding dress/any of that. infact, i don't even want a white dress or any of that. but when i dream of my perfect gown, i think of only one word: Marchesa.

Marchesa is a fashion label by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. NyMag describes the style as "Pretty evening gowns that offer extra delicacy and detail make up the bulk of the collections. Far East–inspired embroidery, draping fabrics, and a modern, feminine perspective lend the label its distinctive look"

aka: amazing, beautiful pieces of art that you can wear, and look like a cross between a wonderful pastry (you know, the kind you see in a fancy bakery that you wouldnt even dare eating because it's just that attractive), an old European building, and a goddess. The female world is a better place when things like this are involved. Boring strapless prom dresses, and poofy sparkle gowns need not apply.

I want to be old and gray and have a closet filled with these dresses and Chanel bags to talk about when there's nothing left to talk about in my life, or if i'm all alzheimers-y and just forget everything. Yeah yeah yeah, i'll hopefully have life accomplishments too..

Friday, September 19, 2008

old timez

In my 'writing in the golden age of hollywood' class this week, we watched the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, starring Marilyn Monroe and that other chick (who i wound up loving the best.) Usually I don't watch old movies, but i was surprised at how much I loved this one and I want to start watching more. Anyway, i loved their style and their attitudes. Although the movie (and book) is primarily about using men for their money, i found it eye opening.

In another film class, we're watching the movie Adam's Rib with Katharine Hepburn (another style icon) and Spencer Tracy and it's also a girl-power movie, especially for 1949. I love it so far. I totally think i'm more of a hepburn gal than a monroe.

Also, when i searched "gentlemen prefer blondes", this came up, which naturally put a creepy smile across my face. cats are so hot right now

Sunday, September 14, 2008


i have come to the sad, but real conclusion that if i decide to get bangs at this point in my life, i will look like baby suri. she is simply 2 years old and i will be 20. or maybe i'll look like DJ, the little brother from Roseanne. sigh

also: i update this thing too much already. also also: im getting a new ipod tomorrow because a homeless person stole mine. also x 3: tokyo police club is too good sometimes (only sometimes)

Friday, September 12, 2008

girl crush

participating in vincent gallo's The Brown Bunny = bad
everything else about Chloe Sevigny's life= good


i have fallen under alexander wang's spell. i tried to avoid it but i just cant. he has become the latest epitome of girlfun even if he is technically a man.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

babes in wilkes-barre land

today i began volunteer work at a day care center near my college. i love babies, and figured if i was going to give back to society i might as well do it hands on with something i love/people instead of filing papers or peeling potatoes. anyway, for the entire three hours i had the biggest smile on my face the whole time. it was just a happy land filled with tiny infants and one year olds. they just climbed all over me, hugged me, kissed me, and threw their tiny toys at my head and i loved it. also, i'm confident that i will be sick with some sort of cold/runny nose within the next 2 days. they were covered in drool, snot, food, and one little girl even tried swallowing her hair clip. my kind of crowd.

my heart melts at baby outfits. nothing is cuter than a fat baby boy with a navy blue polo and tiny jeans, or a little girl in a smocked pink dress. i realize that all they want is to grab the dora the explorer figurine from their playmates' cereal covered fingers, and have no idea what they are wearing..but one day they will, and they will thank their mothers for not putting them in awful cheesy clothing.

the pics above are from Phillip Lim's kid collection.


it's fashion week in wilkes-barre.

let me just put it this way: marc jacobs needs to checckkkk himself. now. really? that outfit ? get over yourself mj. I used to believe in him (ok, i still do), but now i feel like he's just playing a huge joke on everyone. it's kind of funny. i'll give him that. i love a good flannel, and an amish inspired outfit but.....this makes me want to roll my eyes until they just dissintegrate.

on another note: TopShop is now in America! NYC! how ready am i (everyone)?


my sleep schedule is totally fucked. not as bad as the summer where i'd be up til 3am and not wake up til noon. my current living situation is very college, except i'm living in a hotel downtown (not as poor as it sounds. it's just another form of student housing here..) with a (great) roommate, paper thin walls with loud neighbors (who are currently blasting john mayer. who blasts john mayer? infact, who cares about john mayer? oh wait, i guess everyone?), and some sort of ghost/presence on the floor above me that makes loud noises even though there is no one living up there. weird. anyway, what i'm trying to say is that sleep is weird and i love the internet. so, recently i've found a wonderful way to put me to sleep when layin in bed in the dark over thinking every detail of my life just isnt cutting it: fashion blogs.

chictopia has been a godsend, and any other link that i creepily click from that website. it's basically a jubilee (as good ol' mary would say) of all of these people, taking photos of what they wear and where they get it from. sound boring? yeah. but it's not. cause they dress amazing! it's compleeteely inspirational, especially when i'm used to walking around a sea of victoria secret sweatpants and veira bradley bags when i'm on campus. would i go as far as taking photos of my everyday outfits, posting them on a blog, patting myself on the back for it? hell no. but atleast other people do it and i can awkwardly click on it every night to see it.

new blog. think of this guy as more of a fashion/music blog....whatever! i just want to love things, judge things, hate things, scream about them, all that stuff!