Saturday, September 20, 2008

okay so..

i really am not one to dream about my wedding/wedding dress/any of that. infact, i don't even want a white dress or any of that. but when i dream of my perfect gown, i think of only one word: Marchesa.

Marchesa is a fashion label by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. NyMag describes the style as "Pretty evening gowns that offer extra delicacy and detail make up the bulk of the collections. Far East–inspired embroidery, draping fabrics, and a modern, feminine perspective lend the label its distinctive look"

aka: amazing, beautiful pieces of art that you can wear, and look like a cross between a wonderful pastry (you know, the kind you see in a fancy bakery that you wouldnt even dare eating because it's just that attractive), an old European building, and a goddess. The female world is a better place when things like this are involved. Boring strapless prom dresses, and poofy sparkle gowns need not apply.

I want to be old and gray and have a closet filled with these dresses and Chanel bags to talk about when there's nothing left to talk about in my life, or if i'm all alzheimers-y and just forget everything. Yeah yeah yeah, i'll hopefully have life accomplishments too..