Monday, January 23, 2012


Without getting too personal, things have been changing in my life lately. 2012 so far has been not what I expected, lots of emotions, family things going on and ultimately I had to make a big decision in my personal life that was not easy. At all. But here I am, and life is going to keep going. All I keep thinking lately is that with the disappointing or somewhat negative things that are happening, I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. People change, things change but I know in my heart everything will work itself out in whatever way, shape or form it needs to be in.

Hopefully I'll have some good news within the next couple of weeks that will help me make the next steps, which i'm pretty sure includes moving back north, to New York City. My hometown is so close to the city that it's almost silly to not take advantage of how dreamy and intimidating the idea of living there is. I want to follow that dream, I'm only going to be this age once, plus all the jobs and new experiences I want are there. To be continued..

While I (we?) wait, can we talk about how exciting the new Target collab is going to be? Jason Wu! Hooray. This commercial is absolutely precious and I can't wait to (hopefully) fall in love with some of his stuff. Please oh please be this cute in real life!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Have you heard of ? I'm really obsessed. My brother, sister-in-law & nieces gave me a gift card for christmas and ever since, i've been so into browsing all of the fantastic product offers they have on there. It's a flash sale site, so the sales are always temporary but so great and the product selection is excitingly different from other sites out there.

I'm a huge fan of Rifle Paper Co. and have had my eye on these two items (pictured above) for so long. So, as soon as I saw them on, I had to snatch them up. So excited to get them in the mail! Aren't they the cutest?

Friday, January 13, 2012

make up videos

Do you guys care about Youtube make up review videos as much as I do? It's one of those things that seems probably really vain, weird and pointless but it's actually really quite addicting. I didn't even know this was a 'thing' til a couple of months ago and now BAM, i'm hooked. In fact, I rarely buy a new piece of make up without Youtubing a bunch of reviews, especially if the person has similar skin & hair and sense of style. Why the hell not? The key is to find the right Youtuber for you though. There are so many hot messes on there givin' beauty tiPz and like..let's be real. Who wants make up tips from someone that has enough eyeshadow, lip liner and bronzer on their face to act as a sheild against flying bullets?

My current favorites are London girls Meganisobel & her roommate Essie. In fact, I rarely go to any other ones because they have such great style and know whats up. It's so creepy to watch other people put on their makeup but I've learned so much and have found such great products thanks to their suggestions. I'm such a girl lately with beauty products and I simply can't get enough, especially with drug store lipsticks. I love product reviews as it is but these beauty videos just bring them to life. Plus, it's just fun and girly to watch! Who doesn't love learning more/talking about make up?

Here are two favorite videos that helped me tremendously when looking for the right lip colors & other products.

Friday, January 6, 2012

i fell in love with the first version of this song that atlas sound put out last year and i'm equally in love with this version (if not more). always playing on repeat.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

candle talk.

As i'm settling back into my Savannah apartment for the last ten weeks of my undergrad life, I must confess that I'm kind of alarmed at the amount of candles that are in my life. My apartment is pretty damn small and it's currently being taken over by candles in every room. Is that a bad thing? Of course not! I'm all about them. So with that said, I figured i'd share what ones I am loving since they are so clearly a big part of my life.

"Women with candles replace women with cats as the new Sad Thing" - Samantha Jones.

Hey, Sam! Stick it where the sun don't shine or whatever because candles are NOT SAD! (MAYBE A LITTLE THOUGH)

Current favorites:

Missoni for Target Candle in "Tuscan Sunrise"- Totally found this two weeks ago, a long time after the whole Missoni x Target chaos. It was in the clearance section near the vitamins/cold medicine aisle. How amazing! The scent is absolutely perfect and fresh and the Missoni signature printed candle holder is the icing on top.
Trapp Candles- All of these scents are absolutely beautiful. My mom sells them in her shop and I immediately fell in love with each refreshing smell. However, my favorite right now is the Peony which I've had lit in my apartment since the minute I unpacked my bags. The candle comes in a wonderful green case that just makes the whole thing feel luxurious and special.
Boulangerie Candle in Apple Blossom- My boyfriend gave this to me for Christmas and I have to say that it's just the most calming and refreshing scent. Not to mention the French, vintage inspired feminine appearance is to die for. Plus, every time I light it, I picture how he physically went to Anthropologie and picked it out for me and imagining him in there amongst all things GIRL being overwhelmed makes me smile.

Oh, and i'm still loving my 4th Street Candle Co. candles