Friday, September 23, 2011

Candles, Candles, Candles.

One of the most cherished things in my life is scent. I've always had a really great sense of smell (sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes a bad thing) and as I get older & create my own little home, the importance of filling your space with a great smell is extremely clear to me. Since I've been back to Savannah, all I want to do is buy different candles with warm and cozy scents and light them every time I'm home.

While it's not exactly fall weather out right now (hi, 87 degrees?) I'm in absolute denial about it because today is the first day of Autumn. So that's that. See you later summer, even if it's hot & humid out for a little bit longer. So, the next best thing besides already transitioning into sweater weather attire (thank god for overly air conditioned classrooms) is lighting crisp and comfy fall scented candles.

Buying candles off Etsy might seem a little crazy at first because everyone wants to smell a candle before purchasing it, and with Etsy, you obviously can't do that. However, I was in the mood to shop for some truly original, homemade, good quality candles and decided to take a chance. I immediately found 4th Street Candle Co. and fell in love with all of the magically described mason jar filled candles. They are all hand poured, dye free soy candles. I ordered Basil Sage Mint & Autumn Magic, but was accidentally sent Apple Butter Caramel and Pumpkin Creme Brulee. As soon as I opened the package, my whole apartment smelled like I had been baking sweet Autumn pies all night long.

Andrea, the owner, even insisted on sending me the two original candles I ordered for free which was absolutely so kind and one of the reasons why Etsy rules. Everything is so personal and helpful when you find the right shop. So I'll own not two but four fantastic candles from 4th Street Candle Co and you should head on over as well! Lighting these just make your day ten times more comfy.