Wednesday, October 29, 2008

damn you motherchucker.

the whole Gossip Girl epidemic has gotten to me. i tried watching it last year, but got distracted. became fully addicted this season, and caught up on season one this past week on DVD. needless to say, the show has decent plot lines but i'm really in it for the clothes. specifically, miss blair waldorf's over-the-top rich bitch look. it's perfect.

addicted to it


since i'm DEF not a tall-leggy girl, i should really get goin' on hating flat shoes but i just CANT. first of all, i'm in college, going from class-to-class, or just lounging around and flats are perfect. when i go out? please. i don't care about heels. nothing is worse than a girl parading around in uncomfortable heels especially when the only places to go are dirty basements or dorm rooms. come on.

so, flat shoes forev', i guess. especially, since it is now entering into winter, flat boots. i can't get enough. i was surfing around and spotted these bad boys. (above).
oh ya, i'm turning 20 in one week. isnt that something? i keep forgetting.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this past january, my two best friends and i took a vacation to the south of france. the experience was not only amazing because we were by ourselves, and was the whole idea of the country. my first trip to france was two summers ago, when i went to paris with my mother. at the time, i was 18 and wasnt totally impressed by the country until i left and realized what it was. i found paris to be the most romantic place on earth, but i was there with my mom. i promised myself i'd return with someone i loved (a man. not a parent!). the people are chic, and everything is simple yet gorgeous. the language, food, the attitude, the all touched my life forever.

the south of france, specifically cannes, was paris but in a beachy, more glamorous setting. every meal we had, we stayed hours just relaxing and taking it all in, making friends with almost everyone. at night, we'd meet beautiful french men, drink, laugh, and stay up on the beach til the early morning hours. i cant wait to go back.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I have said it once, and i will say it again: i love my library. When i was little, i would go every week with my mom to read curious george books, or participate in the arts & crafts shit that they had to do and play with the dollhouse. I loved it. Once i became a real person, i stopped caring and just wanted to do worthless teenage things like sitting on AOL til my eyeballs fell out. This summer I discovered again how cool the library is. Mainly is VERY free.

It's quiet, has so many great DVDs, magazines, books, music, all free. Today i got The Motorcycle Diaries on DVD, three Radiohead albums, two magazines, a Rolling Stones greatest hits, a Yo La Tengo album. How perfect? I have to bring it all back tomorrow but come on, it's fucking good. Usually I take out books but I'm only home for the weekend. My favorites are the biographies, and the feminist books on why doctors/men are evil and out to slice off every woman's vagina and freedom. why? because i can. and because it's free. one thing that is not free: coffee and tea. and it also spills, burns my leg, stains my shirt, and no one cares to see if im okay. god america is good.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

everytime i step foot into anthropologie, i am completely reminded why i'm a girl. it's a girly heaven of the most beautiful, interesting, (somewhat) affordable items you can ever own. everything is so delicate and precious. i get my love/appreciation of nice decor from my mom. it's truly one of her passions, and although we have different taste (i had to talk her out of buying a cushion cover with roosters on it today. we all make mistakes.), i still admire hers and she admires mine.

going to places like anthropologie inspires me because i'd never actually buy everything from there because i'd be on a budget, but it's so easy to duplicate. thank god i have a huge love for garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores. i just think your house or room says so much about you and i cannot understand when people are so careless and boring about it. but so many people are.

aside from oo-ing and aw-ing over every sweater, dress, shoe, necklace, and even a fucking candle that came into my sight, i picked up probably the coolest knob for my nightstand in my room at home. i just fell in love with it. so yeah im a 19 year old girl who falls in love with a knob for a drawer, and dreams of one day decorating her home with mismatching florals, plates embellished with bird drawings, and embroidered dish towels. completely normal..i should go take my hot flash medicine right now

Monday, October 6, 2008


i've been listening to santogold way too much lately. she's just so fucking addicting. being a huge fan of M.I.A, i kept hearing about this santogold character and seeing photos of her in magazines. she appeared to be a wannabe of my precious sri-lankan british princess M.I.A and i wanted to hate her. However, once i heard her song "im a lady" i became hooked. little did i know, her entire album had so much more in store than i could have hoped for. each song is different and offers a sound for each mood i have (there are many lately.)

my roommate and i share a favorite song of hers, "Starstruck" which we call the sexiest song in the entire world and even made up a twisted scenario about it. think whips, chains, drugs and just plain bad things. its perfect. this summer she collaborated with pharell williams and julian casablancas to make "My Drive Thru" which was one of my favorite songs to listen to this summer.

anyway, aside from being a music goddess, santogold has a pretty eclectic cool style that i myself could never pull off, but she does perfectly. think hooker-chic-tina turner-mick jagger-sexy-tough-beyonce. Basically, if i saw her, and somehow found a way to piss her off, she could kill me with one whip of her door knocker earrings but i would love it.


since i'm technically still an employee at the good ol' gap, i figured i'd post some of my favorite new arrivals to their collection. i mean, i do have some time to spare since i'm a: unemployed and b: need to waste time while the employee discount card collects dust in my pocket since i have no money to spare on clothes what-so-ever. i love you poor college life.

Friday, October 3, 2008

i want!

karl lagerfeld's face on a bag. he's so crazy and non-human. i love it.
also: fall is here. which means...coats, sweaters, tights, boots, goddddddddd its so good.

photo credit: because i'm addicted.