Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this past january, my two best friends and i took a vacation to the south of france. the experience was not only amazing because we were by ourselves, and independent..it was the whole idea of the country. my first trip to france was two summers ago, when i went to paris with my mother. at the time, i was 18 and wasnt totally impressed by the country until i left and realized what it was. i found paris to be the most romantic place on earth, but i was there with my mom. i promised myself i'd return with someone i loved (a man. not a parent!). the people are chic, and everything is simple yet gorgeous. the language, food, the attitude, the history..it all touched my life forever.

the south of france, specifically cannes, was paris but in a beachy, more glamorous setting. every meal we had, we stayed hours just relaxing and taking it all in, making friends with almost everyone. at night, we'd meet beautiful french men, drink, laugh, and stay up on the beach til the early morning hours. i cant wait to go back.