Friday, October 10, 2008


I have said it once, and i will say it again: i love my library. When i was little, i would go every week with my mom to read curious george books, or participate in the arts & crafts shit that they had to do and play with the dollhouse. I loved it. Once i became a real person, i stopped caring and just wanted to do worthless teenage things like sitting on AOL til my eyeballs fell out. This summer I discovered again how cool the library is. Mainly is VERY free.

It's quiet, has so many great DVDs, magazines, books, music, all free. Today i got The Motorcycle Diaries on DVD, three Radiohead albums, two magazines, a Rolling Stones greatest hits, a Yo La Tengo album. How perfect? I have to bring it all back tomorrow but come on, it's fucking good. Usually I take out books but I'm only home for the weekend. My favorites are the biographies, and the feminist books on why doctors/men are evil and out to slice off every woman's vagina and freedom. why? because i can. and because it's free. one thing that is not free: coffee and tea. and it also spills, burns my leg, stains my shirt, and no one cares to see if im okay. god america is good.