Friday, February 20, 2009


due to the fact that I'm heading to Europe in a week, the Eighty8 Designs shop will not be opening until March. SO, I still want to start taking photos and getting people interested, so I started a myspace.
It was just created, so there are only a couple photos and I have very very few friends so add me! (if anyone still uses myspace.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


that's all. bye

Sunday, February 15, 2009

you girls keep me so young, oh i love you so much.

this is currently the background of my desktop. "im a cool mom". she's probably the best part in mean girls.

in other news, my little project (post below) is going well so far. i've started making by hand a lot of jewelry to add to the collection and plan on looking for different vintage items this week to put in the shop. stay tuned!

and remember, if you're going to drink, i'd rather you do it in the house!

Friday, February 13, 2009

eighty8 online.

after awhile of thinking, I have decided to dedicate the next couple weeks/months to scouring the area for the best vintage finds (reconstructed & also in it's original form), and open my own shop online.

one of the biggest plus sides to being in NEPA is all of the thrift stores lurking around with tons of treasures for such great prices. not everything I find necessarily fits me, looks good, or fits into my wardrobe but that doesnt mean that it's not great. SO. since it's already a huge interest of mine, and I want to open my own store in the future, I might as well start now and take advantage of the position I'm in!

So stay tuned. Ihave already started the process. (to the 2 people who read this)

PS: big question. should i go Etsy, Ebay or start my own independent website? if you have any advice please let me know! aim name is ARTISHARD123

Thursday, February 12, 2009

lately, my friends have become fans of the story of when I was a child, I was obsessed with mini vans. I always wanted my mom or dad to get one but they hated the idea.

See, my parents had a bunch of kids before me and by the time I came around, they were totally over the whole "omg we're new parents, we have to get the mini van and go to the soccer game and wear fanny packs" thing, and that mortified me at the time.

I always thought strange things like,"mom, why can't you have a million key chains that rattle around on your keys like all the other moms?" or "why aren't you wearing a turtleneck under a hoodless cotton sweatshirt with holiday embroidery on it like so & so's mom?", and lastly "why can't i get the purple lion king sweatsuit with nala on it from Bradlees?"

now i look back and thank the fucking lord that my parents are just the way they are. seriously. they are/were good parents. Now that I'm a real person, I'm so glad that my parents weren't frazzled, weirdo parents like alot of my classmates' from elementary school. And ultimately, I'm happy that my Mom didn't have those millions of key chains on her keys (who gets jealous of that or even notices it, anyway?) or wear fannie packs to class trips chock full of bandaids, bug spray, coupons and probably more keychains. But yeah okay, onto the mini van story.

One day in first grade, my mom was driving me to school and told me she had a surprise for me when I got home and that i'll be really excited. So, the whole day I had convinced myself that once I came home, my parents would have a new, beautiful mini van just waiting in the driveway. I thought about it all day and even drew a picture of it in crayon when we had free time. Once the day was over, I see my Mom pull up in her Jeep Cherokee, but I was still not convinced that the dream wasnt coming true. We then pull into the driveway. No mini van. "WHAT WAS THE SURPRISE!?" i asked her. "Oh, we're going to pizza hut for dinner." she replied. That was the surprise.

The mini van fantasy was forgotten for the rest of the night due to the fact that i was never allowed to have Pizza Hut. So..whatever, I dealt with the letdown nicely while sitting on the red leather sweat stained booth seats of the HuT, browing through the BOOK IT catalogue I bet.

A couple months later, it was pretty rough when our crazy neighbors got a newpurple mini van, with tan leather interior and a door that slid open from the KEYCHAIN, and their kids had to rub it in my face. So for that, fuck you neighbors. The dream has all together vanished, along with my soul.

So i guess ya win some, lose some, and then win some more (meaning the Pizza Hut. total win, i must say.) I doubt my Mom even remembers it, but everyone else seems to be gettin' a kick out of it. And like Mother like Daughter, when my kid begs me to get something as retarded as a mini van, I will say no too.

 sent me a good ol' valentines day email today. Paltrow suggested that I cook fried oysters, some sort of cornish hen (poussin? poussin bin laden?) and a lava chocolate cake. I took the advice with a smile but politely x-ed out the screen, passing it off as yet another Goop suggestion that goes into the garbage can. Can't she do a college poor version?

So, she got me in the mood for some Coldplay, which is what I've been listening to all day, and I decided to browse through pics and be creepy. These are my favorites.

The first & last pictures are my favorite perfect outfits.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

god damn

for christ's sakes, how hot is shia leboeuf? i knew even back when he was a sarcastic asshole 12 year old on Even Stevens that he'd develop into such a Good. and poof. here he is. looking kind of perfect.

ps: not to sound like a beach girl with sand in her toez or anything but today's weather totally reminded me of the end of the summer/fall by the beach with the humid but chilly wind. it was really nice, but confusing. the beach is so far from this PA valley. i appreciated it though.
the past couple weeks, i've realized that i've become better and better at tuning people out. i realize that this is probably a bad thing. in class, i am fully capable of spending about 10 mins or so completely blocking out whatever the teacher is saying because my brain and i are having way too many convos.

i hate to sound like some sort of self help guru, but it's true what everyone always says. that once you just settle into yourself, or once something great happens and a door opens, so many good things tumble into your life like some sort of flood. so many good things are happening that makes my emotions go crazy and my stomach in knots.

Monday, February 9, 2009

~let them eat cake ~ (oh wait she didnt really say that)

one of the best places i've ever been to was Versailles, France, specifically the palace which once housed Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette's legacy might not be so great since she lived this extremely lavish lifestyle filled with gorgeous clothing, shoes, tons of parties, and amazing jewels while the people of France were dying and poor. But she was just a girl.

the palace is a huge tourist attraction, and hey who the hell cares because that's what I am when I go to France. I don't live there, therefor, I am considered a tourist. So hey! Palace of Versailles, attract me! which it did. It's just so beautiful, with just enough gaudiness mixed with classic. I found the cutest boutique there and bought the best knit tights, and a great typical French looking black dress with a bow, and even ate Mexican food at a random restaurant which i thought was funny/weird.

Since i am a girl, I've always been a fan of florals, chintz, gold, gardens, princesses, diamonds, etc. Versailles is every girl's dream. It's the most beautiful, romantic, wonderful place I have ever been to. Now i am in the mood to watch Marie Antoinette. It was filmed so pretty with perfect costumes & a perfect soundtrack. I will forever be inspired by Versailles.

Friday, February 6, 2009

another nightmare

i would love for urban outfitters to send me a complete list of every person who purchases these, so i can slap them across the face with some sort of a deceased fish corpse.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

modcloth ads are all over facebook and various blogs that I go to, so it seemed pretty natural that I should just click on them. Thank god for good advertising because I've become obsessed with how adorable this website is! I believe they are based out of Pittsburgh, PA and sell both new & vintage clothing, accessories, decor, and books. It's so perfectly priced, unique and i love reading their ModLife Blog. I dream of owning pretty much all of their merchandise and plan on buying lots of it soon.

Here are a free of my favorite ones.


currently i am feeling a loss that I can only describe as something similar to someone recieving a golden gift with meaning, opportunity, and ease and having it ripped away from their hands, told to act like the gift never existed in the first place. like adopting a puppy but only to find out that it's mad adult doberman/labrador parents are barking at your door demanding to get their kid back, and who says no to mad dog parents? nobody.

so to get to the point.. my trusty free illegal online movies website that I have basically been hooking up with lately mysteriously disappeared. i clicked onto it, hoping to watch vicky cristina barcelona. and poof, it's gone forever. where did it go? how am i supposed to feel now? i'm sure there is some other magical illegal movie website out there but i don't have that VIP information at the moment, and well, i'm in a free illlegal movie mood. that or a rite aid brand sleeping gel pill mood. i guess i'll just have to choose the drugs.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what you gonna do when you get out of jail? im gonna have some funnn

let's face it. sometimes indie rock, or whatever the hell it is that fills my ears daily, can lack a little glitter. this is the part where Mariah Carey enters into my bloodstream (awkward statement if you think about it..)

I know i've mentioned my late-night sessions of quietly listening to her greatest hits on here in the past, but i'm not quite done rambling about good ol Mariah. Remember her crazy early 90's music videos on MTV back when MTV cared about music? Like when she'd be dancing on a boat with a gold toothpick sized outfit, with sexy back up dancers and lots of racing on tiny fancy boats. Or even when she started to get a little bloated and weird, in the Heartbreaker video. It's all genius. She's one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I can even tolerate when she does the squeaky thing, or ODB's (rip) insane cracked out rapping in the song "Fantasy". COME ON. that's entertainment at it's finest. Although, I must be bring this post down to a serious level and admit that I really hate the song "Hero". I have a strong feeling that this goes against some sort of girl-code, and an even stronger feeling that it goes against a Mariah-fan code. whatever.

Remember the time she just...randomly married Nick Cannon? Out of literally nowhere. And when she had the nervous breakdown on TRL while pushing an ice cream cart sucking on an ice pop. I love the rich & insane. Bitch is amazing.

Shake It Off - Mariah Carey

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


this makes me want to throw up/cry/scream to the sky "WHYYYY! NO!!! PLEASE NO!"
imagine a not-model-normal-girl-walking-down-the-street-type wearing these? i can't deal with it.
source: www

i don't know, guys.

yesterday I sat in barnes & noble, with some tea and read a bunch of magazines. It's one of my favorite past times in the world, not to mention it's free and I'm cheating the magazine industry (sorry) but it feels good sometimes. as i'm sitting down, a man in sweatpants and a glittery-ghetto fabulous hoodie sits down on a stool meant for grabbing books out of someone's reach, with his legs spread making eye contact with me although he was holding a book about poker. i wasnt quite sure what to do. do i say hello? can i just pretend it's not happening? i chose to just ignore it. then as I was getting into my article about chloe sevigny in the latest Missbehave magazine, a wonderful specimen of a woman walks over.

She was very old, decked out in a jazzy looking tee shirt with cartoon sea shells on it, some sort of jacket, cropped sweatpants with socks over them and crazy shoes. Her skin was very leathery, and she seemed to know everyone that was sitting around me. "People are idiots!", she screams with her tiny hands in the air. No one really responds, but finally someone ackowledges her comment. "How come?" they ask. "You know how I know this? Because I'm an idiot also. I will admit that I am an idiot!" she responds, and then continues to talk about how she's tired of people keep telling other people that the reason they are poor is because that's what they secretly want to be. If they wanted to be rich, they would be rich. If they are poor, it is because that is how they want their lives to be. "Bullshit!" she ends the story with. Huffs and puffs her way out of the sitting area, and disappears into the afternoon.

She made me think. And i'm still not quite sure how I feel about her statement, or even why I'm blogging about it. Where I grew up, I feel like everyone was in the same 'economic boat'. No one I grew up with ever had to really struggle for money, and if they needed something, they'd always get it. I'm guilty of that also, but I can safely say that I appreciate everything I've ever been given. People do work hard for whatever it is that they want. My father always tells me that there is no such thing as luck, or lucky people. Life is what you work for. But what about the people who are trying to make it good for themselves, and it just won't work. What if I try, and it doesnt work out, over and over again? Is it right for someone to say that since it didnt work out, it's because I didnt work hard enough? It's a risk humans have to take. Some don't take it. Some do. But i bet all of those people wouldnt be into the idea of hearing someone say that if their situation is bad, it's because they asked for it to be that way. That's just fucked up.

Maybe the homeless person down the street really gave it his all once, and fell one too many times and didnt have a great support system to build him back up. Maybe a couple of ass hole rich kids beat him up for fun, or laughed when he fell asleep on the sidewalk. The majority of society has this whole attitude that it's completely easy to just succeed and if you can't, then you've lost. How is someone supposed to succeed after being pushed down so many times? Think about it.

With all of this said, I still believe that if you do work so hard for something in an honest and good way, good will somehow come. maybe not in the form that you were expecting it to come in, but in another shape that you didn't know good could even exist in. if you throw positive out there, you'll most likely get positive right back. it's just hard to concentrate on the tiny great things that are floating around everywhere as I type this, or as you read this, or as you/i just exist. society tells us there are only a certain amount of situations or 'blessings' that really count as being a success, and that's just simply not true. there are so many. but most of us are blinded by dollar signs or status symbols and i want to try so hard to rid myself of that view.

maybe things like respecting and appreciating your family members/friends, and not hurting them, listening to strangers with crazy sea-shell shirts talk, and seeing the beauty in dirt (sorry modest mouse reference) might just make you the richest person even if you have only a couple dollars in your pocket.