Thursday, February 5, 2009


currently i am feeling a loss that I can only describe as something similar to someone recieving a golden gift with meaning, opportunity, and ease and having it ripped away from their hands, told to act like the gift never existed in the first place. like adopting a puppy but only to find out that it's mad adult doberman/labrador parents are barking at your door demanding to get their kid back, and who says no to mad dog parents? nobody.

so to get to the point.. my trusty free illegal online movies website that I have basically been hooking up with lately mysteriously disappeared. i clicked onto it, hoping to watch vicky cristina barcelona. and poof, it's gone forever. where did it go? how am i supposed to feel now? i'm sure there is some other magical illegal movie website out there but i don't have that VIP information at the moment, and well, i'm in a free illlegal movie mood. that or a rite aid brand sleeping gel pill mood. i guess i'll just have to choose the drugs.