Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what you gonna do when you get out of jail? im gonna have some funnn

let's face it. sometimes indie rock, or whatever the hell it is that fills my ears daily, can lack a little glitter. this is the part where Mariah Carey enters into my bloodstream (awkward statement if you think about it..)

I know i've mentioned my late-night sessions of quietly listening to her greatest hits on here in the past, but i'm not quite done rambling about good ol Mariah. Remember her crazy early 90's music videos on MTV back when MTV cared about music? Like when she'd be dancing on a boat with a gold toothpick sized outfit, with sexy back up dancers and lots of racing on tiny fancy boats. Or even when she started to get a little bloated and weird, in the Heartbreaker video. It's all genius. She's one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I can even tolerate when she does the squeaky thing, or ODB's (rip) insane cracked out rapping in the song "Fantasy". COME ON. that's entertainment at it's finest. Although, I must be bring this post down to a serious level and admit that I really hate the song "Hero". I have a strong feeling that this goes against some sort of girl-code, and an even stronger feeling that it goes against a Mariah-fan code. whatever.

Remember the time she just...randomly married Nick Cannon? Out of literally nowhere. And when she had the nervous breakdown on TRL while pushing an ice cream cart sucking on an ice pop. I love the rich & insane. Bitch is amazing.

Shake It Off - Mariah Carey