Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008


okay, sorry world. am i the only 20 year old who signed up to get newsletters from gwyneth paltrow every week? i wonder if i am.

yes i receive the newsletter and i don't give a shit what you think about it, or her, because she is my ultimate girl crush. gwynie tell me everything you have to offer, you perfect bitch.

inside the weekly email, good ol G tells me certain things that work in her life, and should work in mine also. it's about extremely expensive organic food that I, with a meal plan chock full of MSG and chicken breasts that have STDs, will never afford. Also, advice on 'little black dresses', or what Zagat rated restaraunt to go to. in fact, everything she is sending into my inbox will never be totally digested due to the fact that my college lifestyle is worlds away from her lifestyle. one day i will catch up with you paltrow.


inside sarah's brain and schedule:

  1. during christmas break, i'm going for an interview with an advisor at savannah college of art and design! i will be staying the weekend with abby, sCoPiNG Out THe ScEnE, shopping, showing her my possible future 'home', and all of that.
  2. in february, i am going to france and germany with school for six days. none of my friends can go, so i'm going to just have to make buds on the trip.
  3. i'm on a mission to spruce up my portfolio for SCAD, and have created a whole 'line' of headbands and different accessories to photograph before my interview.
  4. all christmas gifts this year will be homemade. that can either be a good thing or disastrous. we will see.
  5. nose ring is going back in. goodbye stud.
  6. on monday night, i'm cooking a fake thanksgiving dinner for my pals here. eggplant parm for all the vegs in da house.
  7. i'm feeling peaceful.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


this is not fashion or music related, but i wanted to touch on a certain subject: bubbles.

the whole fascination with bubbles is really funny to me. today while i was volunteering at daycare, christmas music was playing, and the babies were running around and all was normal. Then, as soon as I approached them with that goofy looking plastic jar with the plastic wand, it was as if I turned into a sparkle person/barney/puppy with crazy powers.

The bubbles started appearing and they all turned into crazy eyed lunatics, staring at the bubbles' every movement, clapping and all chanting "bubb bubb" at once. it was insanity! one kid even fell backwards due to the excitement of clapping, screaming, and searching for the now popped bubble, all at once.

It all reminded me of that quote in Knocked Up, when Paul Rudd's character says "I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles."

those little babies and their appreciation for the tiniest things in life always make my day.

Sunday, November 16, 2008




i love saturday and sunday afternoons to just do nothing real. i'm very aware of the fact that i need a job, but no one wants me. the weeks are getting busier and busier, and i even joined the wilkes-barre library to save some money on books/dvds. it's just nice to know that sundays are free so i can do my routine things. i explore the internet for hours, clean, make my bed although i'll just be sitting on it all day, hydrate myself/recover, find new music, eat subway, not take a shower, be alone/not be alone, sit on the balcony, make playlists, talk with abby for hours online, read, look at the mountains from my bed. it's perfect.

here is a playlist i made today if anyone wants some new music..

fly around my pretty little miss by built to spill
little bit by lykke li
skinny love by bon iver
big sur by the thrills
You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will by bright eyes
june gloom by the like
crazy love by daniel johnston
the general specific by band of horses
you love me by kimya dawson
the girl by dr. dog
pitseleh by elliott smith
im not gonna teach... by black kids
last day of magic by the kills
death and all his friends by coldplay
these days by joy division


people really need to get a grip on reality. an example of this, would be the photo above. those prices are very serious.

Alexander Wang, as much as i appreciate you, you really need to get the fuck out. if someone really needs a thermal onesie, i know a homeless person down the street from my dorm that will give them his. it's easy really, because he can save up some soda cans and purchase a new one for about 10 dollars somewhere. $305? really? I'm not even sure where to begin with the $285 denim shorts. somewhere bob the electrician and steve the plummer are laughing their asses off (cause they read this?). they got theirs for about 20 bucks from wrangler! the way it should be.

those two items are just an example at how ridiculous fashion is at times. i can go on and on about why i love fashion, but there are major issues in the industry that take away the joy. things like overpricing, false representation of women and body image, and straight up cattiness plague fashion. you can be just as stylish as you want, and it doesn't have to cost much.

there are so many amazing and talented designers out there with real ideas to help people feel good about themselves, but if vogue or some it-girl in hollywood isn't praising them that week, they get left out in the cold. it's insane how things work.

Friday, November 14, 2008

aint born typical.

the kills are fucking amazing musically, but also fashionably.
frontwoman alison mosshart's style is just a messy, bad-ass, girly grunge with a cig forever in her mouth, greasy black hair, perfect features, straddled across the stage floor, belting her heart away with elegantly desheveled jamie hince (miss moss' boi toi) on guitar. ok talk about run on sentence. sorry.

the two are a perfect representation of what i love about both music and fashion. definitley not zac efron and vanessa hudgens bullshit.

song reccomendations: Black Balloon, Tape Song, U.R A Fever, and Hook and Line
get on that shit.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

favorite part.

paris, je t'aime.

little things

these are just little things that i've been obsessed with the past couple days...
oh yeah. i'm 20 now :] and feels different. and good.

Monday, November 3, 2008


this makes me want to just run out of bed and do something creative, PRONTO. i need those Number necklaces!