Sunday, November 16, 2008


i love saturday and sunday afternoons to just do nothing real. i'm very aware of the fact that i need a job, but no one wants me. the weeks are getting busier and busier, and i even joined the wilkes-barre library to save some money on books/dvds. it's just nice to know that sundays are free so i can do my routine things. i explore the internet for hours, clean, make my bed although i'll just be sitting on it all day, hydrate myself/recover, find new music, eat subway, not take a shower, be alone/not be alone, sit on the balcony, make playlists, talk with abby for hours online, read, look at the mountains from my bed. it's perfect.

here is a playlist i made today if anyone wants some new music..

fly around my pretty little miss by built to spill
little bit by lykke li
skinny love by bon iver
big sur by the thrills
You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will by bright eyes
june gloom by the like
crazy love by daniel johnston
the general specific by band of horses
you love me by kimya dawson
the girl by dr. dog
pitseleh by elliott smith
im not gonna teach... by black kids
last day of magic by the kills
death and all his friends by coldplay
these days by joy division