Sunday, November 16, 2008


people really need to get a grip on reality. an example of this, would be the photo above. those prices are very serious.

Alexander Wang, as much as i appreciate you, you really need to get the fuck out. if someone really needs a thermal onesie, i know a homeless person down the street from my dorm that will give them his. it's easy really, because he can save up some soda cans and purchase a new one for about 10 dollars somewhere. $305? really? I'm not even sure where to begin with the $285 denim shorts. somewhere bob the electrician and steve the plummer are laughing their asses off (cause they read this?). they got theirs for about 20 bucks from wrangler! the way it should be.

those two items are just an example at how ridiculous fashion is at times. i can go on and on about why i love fashion, but there are major issues in the industry that take away the joy. things like overpricing, false representation of women and body image, and straight up cattiness plague fashion. you can be just as stylish as you want, and it doesn't have to cost much.

there are so many amazing and talented designers out there with real ideas to help people feel good about themselves, but if vogue or some it-girl in hollywood isn't praising them that week, they get left out in the cold. it's insane how things work.