Friday, November 21, 2008


inside sarah's brain and schedule:

  1. during christmas break, i'm going for an interview with an advisor at savannah college of art and design! i will be staying the weekend with abby, sCoPiNG Out THe ScEnE, shopping, showing her my possible future 'home', and all of that.
  2. in february, i am going to france and germany with school for six days. none of my friends can go, so i'm going to just have to make buds on the trip.
  3. i'm on a mission to spruce up my portfolio for SCAD, and have created a whole 'line' of headbands and different accessories to photograph before my interview.
  4. all christmas gifts this year will be homemade. that can either be a good thing or disastrous. we will see.
  5. nose ring is going back in. goodbye stud.
  6. on monday night, i'm cooking a fake thanksgiving dinner for my pals here. eggplant parm for all the vegs in da house.
  7. i'm feeling peaceful.