Monday, February 9, 2009

~let them eat cake ~ (oh wait she didnt really say that)

one of the best places i've ever been to was Versailles, France, specifically the palace which once housed Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette's legacy might not be so great since she lived this extremely lavish lifestyle filled with gorgeous clothing, shoes, tons of parties, and amazing jewels while the people of France were dying and poor. But she was just a girl.

the palace is a huge tourist attraction, and hey who the hell cares because that's what I am when I go to France. I don't live there, therefor, I am considered a tourist. So hey! Palace of Versailles, attract me! which it did. It's just so beautiful, with just enough gaudiness mixed with classic. I found the cutest boutique there and bought the best knit tights, and a great typical French looking black dress with a bow, and even ate Mexican food at a random restaurant which i thought was funny/weird.

Since i am a girl, I've always been a fan of florals, chintz, gold, gardens, princesses, diamonds, etc. Versailles is every girl's dream. It's the most beautiful, romantic, wonderful place I have ever been to. Now i am in the mood to watch Marie Antoinette. It was filmed so pretty with perfect costumes & a perfect soundtrack. I will forever be inspired by Versailles.