Friday, February 13, 2009

eighty8 online.

after awhile of thinking, I have decided to dedicate the next couple weeks/months to scouring the area for the best vintage finds (reconstructed & also in it's original form), and open my own shop online.

one of the biggest plus sides to being in NEPA is all of the thrift stores lurking around with tons of treasures for such great prices. not everything I find necessarily fits me, looks good, or fits into my wardrobe but that doesnt mean that it's not great. SO. since it's already a huge interest of mine, and I want to open my own store in the future, I might as well start now and take advantage of the position I'm in!

So stay tuned. Ihave already started the process. (to the 2 people who read this)

PS: big question. should i go Etsy, Ebay or start my own independent website? if you have any advice please let me know! aim name is ARTISHARD123