Monday, October 6, 2008


i've been listening to santogold way too much lately. she's just so fucking addicting. being a huge fan of M.I.A, i kept hearing about this santogold character and seeing photos of her in magazines. she appeared to be a wannabe of my precious sri-lankan british princess M.I.A and i wanted to hate her. However, once i heard her song "im a lady" i became hooked. little did i know, her entire album had so much more in store than i could have hoped for. each song is different and offers a sound for each mood i have (there are many lately.)

my roommate and i share a favorite song of hers, "Starstruck" which we call the sexiest song in the entire world and even made up a twisted scenario about it. think whips, chains, drugs and just plain bad things. its perfect. this summer she collaborated with pharell williams and julian casablancas to make "My Drive Thru" which was one of my favorite songs to listen to this summer.

anyway, aside from being a music goddess, santogold has a pretty eclectic cool style that i myself could never pull off, but she does perfectly. think hooker-chic-tina turner-mick jagger-sexy-tough-beyonce. Basically, if i saw her, and somehow found a way to piss her off, she could kill me with one whip of her door knocker earrings but i would love it.