Thursday, January 5, 2012

candle talk.

As i'm settling back into my Savannah apartment for the last ten weeks of my undergrad life, I must confess that I'm kind of alarmed at the amount of candles that are in my life. My apartment is pretty damn small and it's currently being taken over by candles in every room. Is that a bad thing? Of course not! I'm all about them. So with that said, I figured i'd share what ones I am loving since they are so clearly a big part of my life.

"Women with candles replace women with cats as the new Sad Thing" - Samantha Jones.

Hey, Sam! Stick it where the sun don't shine or whatever because candles are NOT SAD! (MAYBE A LITTLE THOUGH)

Current favorites:

Missoni for Target Candle in "Tuscan Sunrise"- Totally found this two weeks ago, a long time after the whole Missoni x Target chaos. It was in the clearance section near the vitamins/cold medicine aisle. How amazing! The scent is absolutely perfect and fresh and the Missoni signature printed candle holder is the icing on top.
Trapp Candles- All of these scents are absolutely beautiful. My mom sells them in her shop and I immediately fell in love with each refreshing smell. However, my favorite right now is the Peony which I've had lit in my apartment since the minute I unpacked my bags. The candle comes in a wonderful green case that just makes the whole thing feel luxurious and special.
Boulangerie Candle in Apple Blossom- My boyfriend gave this to me for Christmas and I have to say that it's just the most calming and refreshing scent. Not to mention the French, vintage inspired feminine appearance is to die for. Plus, every time I light it, I picture how he physically went to Anthropologie and picked it out for me and imagining him in there amongst all things GIRL being overwhelmed makes me smile.

Oh, and i'm still loving my 4th Street Candle Co. candles