Friday, January 13, 2012

make up videos

Do you guys care about Youtube make up review videos as much as I do? It's one of those things that seems probably really vain, weird and pointless but it's actually really quite addicting. I didn't even know this was a 'thing' til a couple of months ago and now BAM, i'm hooked. In fact, I rarely buy a new piece of make up without Youtubing a bunch of reviews, especially if the person has similar skin & hair and sense of style. Why the hell not? The key is to find the right Youtuber for you though. There are so many hot messes on there givin' beauty tiPz and like..let's be real. Who wants make up tips from someone that has enough eyeshadow, lip liner and bronzer on their face to act as a sheild against flying bullets?

My current favorites are London girls Meganisobel & her roommate Essie. In fact, I rarely go to any other ones because they have such great style and know whats up. It's so creepy to watch other people put on their makeup but I've learned so much and have found such great products thanks to their suggestions. I'm such a girl lately with beauty products and I simply can't get enough, especially with drug store lipsticks. I love product reviews as it is but these beauty videos just bring them to life. Plus, it's just fun and girly to watch! Who doesn't love learning more/talking about make up?

Here are two favorite videos that helped me tremendously when looking for the right lip colors & other products.