Saturday, September 20, 2008

fuck off

okay. zac's reeeeallly time for you to go. you are a male, and you are already presented as a very feminine guy. there is sexuality questioning, you are perfectly groomed, with impecable poses, and more foundation on your face than my girl tammy faye. RIP. and now you go and show your face alone on teen vogue? fucked up!

with all of that said..when I go to sit in barnes & noble, to read numerous magazines that i don't purchase because i'm a cheap bastard, I don't intend on seeing your god damn face. whats next? are you going to be on the cover of Cosmo, posing in a red halter top and low rider jeans, with a blurb reading "Ten Ways to Please Your Guy" next to your pearly white smile? i can't deal with you and i never want to.

you'll never make it in this town, and by town i mean wilkes-barre, PA.
xoxooxoxoxox sarah