Thursday, September 11, 2008


my sleep schedule is totally fucked. not as bad as the summer where i'd be up til 3am and not wake up til noon. my current living situation is very college, except i'm living in a hotel downtown (not as poor as it sounds. it's just another form of student housing here..) with a (great) roommate, paper thin walls with loud neighbors (who are currently blasting john mayer. who blasts john mayer? infact, who cares about john mayer? oh wait, i guess everyone?), and some sort of ghost/presence on the floor above me that makes loud noises even though there is no one living up there. weird. anyway, what i'm trying to say is that sleep is weird and i love the internet. so, recently i've found a wonderful way to put me to sleep when layin in bed in the dark over thinking every detail of my life just isnt cutting it: fashion blogs.

chictopia has been a godsend, and any other link that i creepily click from that website. it's basically a jubilee (as good ol' mary would say) of all of these people, taking photos of what they wear and where they get it from. sound boring? yeah. but it's not. cause they dress amazing! it's compleeteely inspirational, especially when i'm used to walking around a sea of victoria secret sweatpants and veira bradley bags when i'm on campus. would i go as far as taking photos of my everyday outfits, posting them on a blog, patting myself on the back for it? hell no. but atleast other people do it and i can awkwardly click on it every night to see it.