Thursday, September 11, 2008

babes in wilkes-barre land

today i began volunteer work at a day care center near my college. i love babies, and figured if i was going to give back to society i might as well do it hands on with something i love/people instead of filing papers or peeling potatoes. anyway, for the entire three hours i had the biggest smile on my face the whole time. it was just a happy land filled with tiny infants and one year olds. they just climbed all over me, hugged me, kissed me, and threw their tiny toys at my head and i loved it. also, i'm confident that i will be sick with some sort of cold/runny nose within the next 2 days. they were covered in drool, snot, food, and one little girl even tried swallowing her hair clip. my kind of crowd.

my heart melts at baby outfits. nothing is cuter than a fat baby boy with a navy blue polo and tiny jeans, or a little girl in a smocked pink dress. i realize that all they want is to grab the dora the explorer figurine from their playmates' cereal covered fingers, and have no idea what they are wearing..but one day they will, and they will thank their mothers for not putting them in awful cheesy clothing.

the pics above are from Phillip Lim's kid collection.