Wednesday, July 14, 2010


this afternoon, i took a walk down the street to an area called 'the design district', which is just a bunch of great boutiques with fashion, fabrics, bedding, lighting, stationery, antiques, etc. It's just fun to wander in and out of the shops literally drooling and staring at the things they have to offer.

During the past two weeks, i've been able to give some ~sAVAnnAh TraVeL tiPs~ to people i know who were taking small vacations here. So, i'll do that right now if you ever come to town and want to know some great shopping that's off Broughton street.

Peridot Antiques & Interiors- this is a dream place. in this dream, i'd be able to afford all of these fancy baroque style antiques, pretty chandeliers, mirrors and lamps. but in reality, it's nice to just go in and stare (or go find your own version at a flea market/garage sale for half the price?) The space it is in is really cool and appears as if it was once an old gas station of some kind. Today they were having a sale with items placed outside and I came across House & Garden's coffee table book The Well Lived Life. It's filled with both photos of influential people's homes, parties, lives and inspirational shots thrown in. However, it's not a cheesy "In Style" kind of book. It's very well done and classic. It was on sale for $25 but that's kind of a lot for me so I did not buy it. Easter Bunny, you readin this?

One Fish Two Fish- this store is so spotless and perfect that it always makes me want to go home and shower and exfoliate my face for two hours. First, let's start with the amazing books that they have. Today I spotted a book titled "In the Spirit of Cannes" that I truly truly want. Cannes holds a special place in my heart and to have a coffee table book celebrating that place would be wonderful. I also spotted a Louis Vuitton coffee table book that I'd love. (hay santa clause, u listenin?) Aside from my clearly sophisticated choice of reading (y'all ever heard of that SaLinGer guy?) , they have just the most luxurious candles, knick knacks for your home, gorgeous bedding and furniture. I've always had a fascination and obsession with bedding since I was little. I see beautiful duvets, sheets, pillows, etc. and I get goosebumps. Normal? If I could change my bedspread and pillows everyday, I would.

There were so many fancy little southern ladies in there barking orders about what color scheme they want their guest room to be. Part of me wants to be that when I'm older and the other part of me wants to be an untraditional woman who marches to the beat of her own drummer. What an identity crisis this place brings on, huh! Maybe I can be both.

Custard Boutique- this is probably my favorite place to wander in and die at their selection of goods. It's not outrageously expensive, there is always a wonderful array of interesting colors, prints and styles of clothing in there with realistic sizes which I think is great. They have amazing shoes and jewelry and the overall atmosphere reminds me of just a comfy, fantastic closet. They merchandise the store well and stock it with items that women would actually wear, love, feel special and comfortable in. I love fashion and femininity but i love being comfortable and functional so much more than being sucked into some tight thang that I can't wait to take off.

Madame Chrysanthemum- First of all, that's the hardest word to spell. Chrysanthemum. Eeesh. Anyway, I believe I've written about this shop once before but it's one of my favorites in town. The selection of items are just so unique and beautiful. It's tiny and a lot of it isn't something I'd go in and buy all the time but it is totally an inspiration spot. There are tons of bird themed items in there that i love because well, i love birds (not the ACTUAL animal though, really just decorative birds on clothing and home items, ok?) Go in and peak around and you'll feel more refreshed all day. I'm tellin' yuh! Plus, the selection of jewelry in there is dream worthy. Everything is made locally or from independent artists around the country.

I'll write more about my neighborhood favorite spots in the future. For now, those are my favorites. Also- if there are any sugar daddies out there that want to get me those books, let me know arite?