Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the perfect drive.

Okay, so this video is part of my mid-quarter project for my Applied Creative Thinking class. The assignment was to go on a 'derive' (which is really just a journey/wander with a certain emotion/feeling/represents an experience.) and create a psycho geographic map of the derive, a re-creation of the derive to bring into class (using any medium. i chose digital film) and lastly, a write up about what we planned to accomplish with the assignment.

So really, I sort of re-created a derive that i accidentally went on a while back while wandering around Savannah in my car. In order for me to feel comfortable with a place, I like to drive around, get lost and find my way back to the start again. I love driving aimlessly, listening to music, and clearing my head. I find that this always leads me somewhere cool. One day it lead me to the Isle of Hope section of Savannah (which I've written about on here), which is one of the most beautiful sights i've ever seen. The drive itself is one of the best I've ever gone on.

It instantly had a calming effect on me and every now and then I travel on over there and wander. I always leave there feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy. I tried to capture those feelings with this video. I hope you get a feel for how it is out there and maybe one time go for yourself and feel it. For my map, I made a play list to go along with a bunch of photographs I took (basically photo form of what the video is). I then made the photos into spots on my 'map', with each photo representing a certain track on the 'perfect playlist' (i listed tracks from nina simone, arcade fire, cat power, pavement, etc. just very 'chill' songs.) for the 'perfect drive'.

i hope it makes sense. i'm so fucking nervous to present this. in this class there's no real right or wrong answer but it requires you not only to put your creativity to the test, but to literally put it up on the wall for everyone to pick apart. my class is pretty cool though and so is the teacher so i hope it is well received.

don't judge. it's the first 'film' i've ever made. youtube kind of messed with the quality but I burned it to a DVD just in case anyone wants it in good quality for Christmas presents! What a gift for Aunt Susie, huh? Just kidding.

Oh and hey IMovie, you've got some kinks to work out, okay dear? I had to re-create this thing two times cause IMovie lies and says it saves things when in reality, it doesn't. Oh well, it's done.

Enjoy the sights of beautiful Georgia and the sounds of Radiohead.