Tuesday, June 29, 2010


now that i have my own little kitchen, i can't stop staring at it & looking at kitchen decorating ideas. maybe it's because i've had my own room, my own dorms, own bathroom etc. but never my own kitchen. it's just a whole other room to put old lady things in and decorate with a whole other use than a bedroom! how exciting right!? every 21 year old's dream, right? kegs, men and kitchens.

i'm becoming a crazy person because over my stove, my mom helped me put a tiny shelf that holds some spices, a picture & a floral canister from the Liberty of London collection at Target. I just think it's so cute and love looking at it. I feel like a Seinfeld character or something that just wants to talk about a shelf and how cool it is and how it's the best. when in reality, it's a shelf.

anyway. those two photos above are not mine obviously, but i lost the source addresses so sorry world. that kitchen is gorgeous, and the rug in the other photo is my newest obsession. i want an aztec/navajo/tribal print rug or throw blanket. NOW.