Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new home

sorry I've been M.I.A lately. I've moved back to Savannah for the summer and also into my new little home. it is so tiny and cozy. everything is unpacked and almost ready. my dad just left after helping me move things in and my mom will be arriving Thursday to help me get some things and decorate a bit. it's been hectic but fun. since arriving here on Sunday, i have managed to start my classes, make this tiny abode more 'me', and also have some fun. i cant wait to be officially settled in and 100% out of the old place. tonight is my first night, sleeping on this new fluffy mattress, with a weak Internet signal but i don't even care. let's hope i don't drive myself crazy imagining that i hear creepy noises or something.

but really..i like stepping out my front door, being able to smell the meals cooking at the restaurant across the street, see people walking their dogs, hear carriage rides going down the cobblestone streets, being close to a lot of great things savannah has to offer and not to mention being able to walk to one of my favorite places to eat/drink. oh, and living alone? i can get used to this. it all kind of rules.

i will post pictures soon!

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