Monday, January 26, 2009

you are my voice

being home this weekend was just what i needed. ate lots of soup, saw Revolutionary Road, hung around with my Mom, read and laid. my cold is finally going away and I'm sitting in my little corner of my dorm trying to figure out a cozier place to be than where I am at this moment. maybe my bed at home but that's not an option right now, and that's alright. Sometimes all I need to complete my day is just my blankets, pillows, my pals, and my Ruckus player.

i've been obsessed with listening to Nada Surf's High/Low album everyday when I wake up and when I go to sleep. my arms, legs, hands, and everything in me feel so content. i love moments like this. its been happening a lot lately.

i'm sprucing up my resume to apply for a bunch of internships in the city for the summer and my head is pounding. probably because of the chai apple tea fusion from starbucks that I sipped on for so long. it was kind of a mind fuck and i'm paying the price now as I type this. what the hell is a tea fusion anyway? nottt reeeallly as into it as I thought i'd be. sugar fucks me up. i instantly turn into a hyper kid again only this time I don't have a juicebox stained mouth and my parents around to annoy.

i'm completely in love with the new Coconut Records song "microphone".

goodnight world~