Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a duck with flowers on its head post

2 not LOLs about school:

  1. today i became an actual insane person. even more so than usual. not 'oh hey i forgot where i was going for a second!' crazy, or even 'why did i walk into this room again?' crazy. actual, literal, "where did my classroom disappear to" crazy. thanks to a compressed schedule, my photography class was supposed to be held at 1pm instead of 1230..i show up..there is an entirely different class in there, claiming they were the 12:30 photo class. not me. WHAT?

  2. in one of my classes the other day, there was about 4 minutes of awkward silence due to the fact that the teacher asked "what is circumcision?", while having crazy jazz fingers in the air. look..we KNOW what it means. why do we have to say it? why does he have to ask it? and more importantly, why waste 4 minutes of class time WAITING for the answer.