Thursday, January 29, 2009

i'm well aware that joanna newsom sounds like a strange cartoon princess, but i cannot help but fall in love with her music. she's so whimsical and captures this odd medievel sound that isnt something I could listen to 24/7, but once it comes onto my playlist, it's a nice treat.

my all time favorite song of hers is Emily, which is long and completely beautiful. I listen to her lyrics and am left puzzled at how great they are. I'm no poet, nor a musician, so with every song I fall in love with, i am left even more impressed and confused at how musician's brains work. How a song is composed, how one can think of these words to go along with the sound is all foreign territory to me. I've never played an instrument, or written a song but I have so much respect for those who do. Even something as shitty as some horrible pop punk song, or even country. I just still have respect for people who can make a fucking song out of thin air and have it travel into people's ears.
collin meloy of the decemberists does a cover of newsom's song Bridges and Balloons. it's worth listening to, although her voice is really what gives the song it's true character, i must say. not his.

here is the original version. it will always remind me of driving to high school while it was so snowy out and I was tired/miserable, and this song would just make my mornings a little bit better.

Bridges and Balloons - Joanna Newsom