Saturday, January 31, 2009

Waking up on a Saturday morning, clear-headed and alive, with the entire day ahead of you is one of the best feelings. I love finding hidden gems in places where I never would have expected to find them. Mary and I took a nice little road trip to Scranton, which is not far from W-B at all, and fell in love with these tiny wonderful places. Anthology New & Used Books, Embassy Vinyl, Lavish, and GreenBeing. And during my only other trip to Scranton, I really liked Eden, which is a vegan cafe. Although, a vegan cheesesteak is nothing like the real thing, i'm just letting you know. So to the 2 people who read this blog, if you ever find yourself in this section of PA, go to those places. They're great!

Last night I attempted to watch Gummo, but stopped. Where did Harmony Korine manage to find people that look like this? It was weird and good, so I'll probably finish it another day. I liked Chloe Sevigny's lack of eyebrows, and the over all white-trashness of the entire film.

I've been listening to Band of Horses' "Cease to Begin" album all day today and yesterday. The song "No One's Gonna Love You" has become a favorite.

"and anything to make you smile,

It is a better side of you to admire"

i'm excited for tonight & tomorrow. bye!