Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YES WE CAN! yes i can!

today was one of the most special days i have had in years. crying tears of joy happens rarely. it's like one of those things where you feel it and you can't speak but it flows out of your eyes like a waterfall and you don't understand how it works. it seems more natural to cry when you're sad? bodies are strange. today i cried tears of joy, twice, for two very different moments that occured in this short span of 24 hours.

to see that the world can be good, and that people can be proud, strong, and open minded moved me to tears. the entire day was dedicated to this man who is now the face of our nation, with his beautiful wife and tiny daughters. we're in for something new, and that is wonderful, scary and exciting.

on top of the excitement of our new first family, I recieved an acceptance letter from Savannah College of Art & Deisgn for fall 2009. it feels as if 1,000 bricks were raised off of my back, and a cloud lifted from my eyes. it still has not settled into my brain that i will be able to start a whole new chapter of my life in an interesting, great city far from my comfort zone. most importantly, i'll be able to study what i love. it's going to be a challenge but that is exactly what i need and want. i'm in for something new, and that is wonderful, scary and exciting.

it's funny that the two happened on the same day. they both represent the unknown, but absolute change. america has fallen on hard times and obama seems to be the answer. he's a man who promises to bring us up, help us be the best America that we can. I see this school as the same thing. It's a change. It's unkown. It's a little scary. It needs to be done. Atleast to say we tried. Atleast to say I tried. And I did try, and won. The future is blurry but atleast we're on the right road. Personally, for me, and as a nation, for all of us.

:) this day will be one to remember forever.

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