Wednesday, January 21, 2009

look up, look up, find what you need

nothing is cozier than my hello kitty blanket. my nieces gave it to me for christmas this year and it's the most comfortable thing in the world. it features loud colors with a tourist hello kitty on it holding a camera and a map. i have way too much living in my bed with me. including two stuffed animals, one that jingles loudly and a snowman that has throw up stains on it. also, crushed raisinetts and a stain on my comforter from chocolate soy milk. doesnt this make me sound like the most enticing person in the USA?

here's a lil playlist guy for this week:
down by the river- neil young
look up- mirah
award tour- a tribe called quest
look at me (when i rock wichoo)- black kids
the world is yours- nas
im waiting for the man- the velvet underground
lousy weekend- daniel johnston
tree house- nada surf
a shot in the arm- wilco
trust vs. mistrust- the spinto band
travel song- someone still loves you boris yeltsin
raquel- neon neon
dancing in the dark-bruce springsteen
heavy metal- clap your hands say yeah
willful dispension of disbelief- modest mouse
blister in the sun- violent femmes
moonlight mile- the rolling stones