Friday, January 23, 2009

what the hell is a role model

i'm sick of hearing people say that suddenly there are so many horrible 'role models' for girls. why can't the 'bad girls' also be models to younger generations? just because Barbie doll liked her malibu dream boat a tiny bit more than having a career (she got one eventually. i had the barbie plane..who piloted? barbie.) and had plastic boobs doesnt mean that she didnt represent some kind of girl out there. i had thousands of barbie dolls, and here i am..20 years old, trying to follow my dreams. none of those dreams include plastic boobs and a malibu dream boat. there are sucky role models out there but there are positive ones too. both are important to see, cause both are a reality.

Maybe mothers of little boys should sit them in front of Rock Of Love and teach them "don't date girls like this. they exist." Or little girls should be shown Bromance/Celebrity Rehab, and told to stray from syphillis carrying guys with a sparkle in their eye. Simple as that.

babies are going to grow up and go on the school bus hearing that there is no Santa, that 'fuck' is a word and that wiener does not always mean hot dog (personal experience on the bus going to camp at age 5.) It's going to happen. i don't think anyone really wants their kid being the 25 year old virgin who still wears panty hose under her jeans because the only t.v she was allowed to watch was Murder She Wrote. so, stop censoring.

love, sarah