Sunday, January 25, 2009


facebook and blogger does weird things to my brain. or maybe I do weird things to facebook and blogger? well, anyway, these things are stalker things. i somehow found (actually it was easy I just typed his name in..) my elementary school crush on facebook. I loved him as much as a tiny loud 6 year old girl could love a boogery shy 6 year old boy. turns out he goes to NYU and is still incredibly beautiful and interesting. sometimes I cringe when I think about how I had to go and erase the Einstein sketch that he made for our group project in third grade and made him cry. Why? What was the point of that 3rd Grade Sarah? What were you accomplishing aside from creating smart-perfect boy tears?

But, how does anyone explain my other elementary school crush on the Asian boy named Thomas who chose to hop around like a frog instead of walking, ate shrimp chips that would smell up the entire classroom and wore the same shirt every day? I don't think I did anything completely detrimental to him except stare at him lovingly and hysterically laugh when the teacher would belittle him and tell him to 'walk like a normal person'. MAYBE THOMAS WASNT NORMAL. MAYBE HE WAS SPECIAL. He was probably onto something because I bet he has very strong thigh muscles from all that squatting. Who has the last laugh now? Those who are physically fit always win in the end.

I guess my taste in men has always been confusing even when I wore Gap Kids and had a forehead that was larger than my entire body. Some things never change. I'm always rooting for both the beautiful guy and the weirdy.