Thursday, January 15, 2009

da square

living off campus (yet still dorming. if that makes sense) has it's perks. lots of privacy and all of that. not so much pressure to be all CoLLeGeY. however, it has it's down side. especially when the weather is freezing and you have a long trek ahead of you just to attend class.

yesterday i missed the god-damn kings college shuttle and had to walk my not-prepared-for-snow ass to school with black flats on and no socks? Very Cold. anyway, as i was walking through the square i noticed some of my favorite 'locals'. the square, which is not so square-y if you ask me, is a spot where many crazy people like to hang out. it's their comfort zone, ya know?

first, there is a woman that is probably 1 foot tall and 20 lbs. she is very wrinkled, shriveled and appears to have once been a normal sized person but simply shrunk over the years. maybe she just got sick of being normal sized? so now she is Very small, with tiny clothes and is always making a sad clown face. then there is an overweight woman who jets around in her wheelchair so so fast, with a tiny little boy trailing behind her. i count on her to be in the square all the time, and she is. or the person who was touching pigeons with his hands and talking to them, and then went to his food-stand to cook food and serve it to people. with his fucking pigeon dirt hands. another favorite is a precious old man who sits in a wheel chair staring at the wall by the senior center near my dorm. he wears a hat and big glasses everyday and sometimes I have the urge to just say "how are you?". i really should one day. one time he was missing from his usual spot but i spotted him, in his chair, across town and I still wonder how the fuck he even got there.

the moral to this story is that on my way to school, freezing cold, i spotted a black man wearing a long, luxurious fur black coat. he truly knew what was up. he waltzed around like he owned the place, screamin to every person and laughing like a maniac. I couldnt stop staring. I needed to take it all in. he was an actual crazy person. but who had the last laugh? him. because he was warm and i was the frost-bitten ass hole wearing flats in 3 degree weather. he totally won. i bet he is still winning somewhere as i'm typing this..