Monday, July 27, 2009

the literal cool jams

today was exhausting. i had to wake up so early for class and for 3 and a half hours had to try and peel my eyes open and pour millions of pounds of coffee into my body so I could function. all of that effort didnt even work. the whole day i was on the go and finally just now sat down to do ma thang. i made a playlist to listen to for background music so i figured i'd share. i'll keep adding more onto it.

ps: i think i found a healthier cure to my sleep issues..sleepytime tea! better for my organs than tylenol PM, although that shit feels so good sometimes. a crazy person tired daze of happiness and "if i get up, i will melt" feeling comes over you within 30 mins of taking two tablets. hard to beat. this is my heroin, and by that i mean that i'm about as experimental with drugs as Shiloh Jolie Pitt is (sarcasm for sleepy drugs is as far as i go usually..)

onto the playlist..

almost august
photo credit- eighty 8 designs! still available