Friday, July 31, 2009

jimmy brooks

I never listen to the radio so i'm a bit out of touch with 'mainstream music' except for whatever I read on my gossip blogs (ONTD, haayyy) which usually means I'm reading about GaGa's latest song or Kelly Clarkson's song drama, never actually listening to it until I'm forced to. Once I'm forced to, usually I either think "WOW NO" or "...I can get into it." which brings me to Drake.

Drake, aka: Aubrey Graham, aka: Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi teamed up with Lil Wayne and whoever else for his first album and everyones fucking obsessed with it. I just wanted to ignore it forever, hide in my room watching Jimmy in his wheelchair on Degrassi with his teen issues and hope that Craig & Ashley show up in the episode somehow but no. I gave in and became obsessed with this song. The video above is not the official video since that one makes me want to vomit (tons of floppy jaloppy titties floating about. makes me sad) but hey, this video has the lyrics on it. Learn them & try and impress your friends with it which will probably cause the reaction of "You're just getting into this song? Come ON", and then you will feel embarassed and unpopular like you did in 5th grade. Mainstream rap often makes me feel like I'm the only girl in Mrs. Oakerson's class without Angel jeans and the right colored striped white addidas shoes again.

Anyway, this song will go on the list of songs on a playlist i have called "Uh Oh", which everyday makes me feel thankful that my office is in the way way down bottom basement where no one can really hear just how many times I play PYT by Michael Jackson, this song and whatever else I have on there...aka: secrets. (run on sentence, i know. i call the shots here.)