Wednesday, September 9, 2009

jackie oh oh oh oh oh

currently, i'm reading a jackie kennedy onasis biography called "as we remember her". it's filled with quotes & stories from friends and family, and other details about her life. it's a beautiful book about a beautiful person. my mom is a huge kennedy family fan, so i've gotten quite into it. jackie has always been an idol for me and the more i learn about her, the more i love her. she was really quite perfect, especially for the very unperfect things she had to go through. always glamorous as a good mother, wife/widow, smart and sophisticated woman.

every time i embarrass myself or do something not...ladylike, i always think "FUCK. what would jackie O do?" for starters, she definitely wouldn't say the word "fuck" a lot. she also wouldnt have gotten drunk three nights in a row in a city where she just moved to. i have a couple things to work on i guess.