Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the new PAD

well, here are some photos of my new home. i didn't take many pics of the outside or my 3 roommates' rooms (obvz. gotta give them some privacy ya'll.) but other than that, i think it gives a good little glimpse into my home life here. it's pretty exciting.

tomorrow I'm hoping to head over to back in the day bakery, which i realized is only a 2 minute walk from my house! i need to start exploring my neighborhood better. Savannah is a bit confusing. As charming as it is, one step in the wrong direction and you can find yourself in trouble. i really love it here, it just gives me this wonderful feeling i can't describe. similar to home but in a different way. there's so much to explore and do. i do miss my little office, my mom, new jersey, my car. i can't wait to have visitors.

my roommate jordan and i are the only ones here so far (two more are on the way!) and we've been getting so creative in the kitchen. this week i made spinach pesto potato pancakes, and tonight i made chilli all from scratch. last night, we ate dinner out on the balcony with a glass of wine and a delicious chicken & italian herb cheese filling with orzo that jordan made. tons of other dishes have been taking place also. it's cheaper and better to cook every meal. i'm becoming a master dish washer which will make my mom feel relieved.

classes start on monday! yikes! i'm ready to get it started though and feel completely self conscious at how bad i am at drawing (again). normal posts not concerning my personal life will continue shortly, don't even worry guys.