Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I keep trying to think of things to blog about that don't have anything to do with savannah but that's extremely hard. each and everyday i discover something new and exciting about this magical city so forgive me, but i'm going to promote the shit out of this town every now and then (or a lot). who knows, maybe you'll take a trip here one day and this will be useful. Either way, expect pretty things and places.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about my favorite Savannah discoveries so far would be The Paris Market. It's a complete dream place with all things French inspired. Beautiful home decor, vintage odds & ends, perfect coffee table books, wonderful perfume & candles, and a section to order drinks and pastries. I've been in four times this week to get the french garden iced tea which is infused with lavender. It's the most delicious and refreshing thing i've ever had. The place makes me feel so alive and inspired. Everywhere you turn, there is something feminine and beautiful staring you in the face.

So many things in this city are French inspired, so i'm in heaven. I'm also currently reading a Jackie Kennedy Onasis biography and she was so inspired by French things and so is my room (and my life) so I feel like everything in my world right now is making sense. I miss my mom & new jersey like crazy but i will get through that. everyone is literally so friendly and nice here, i've been in shock. i've made so many friends already and SCAD hasnt even started the semester yet. I'll post photos of my place tomorrow.

also, pralines will be an evil devil on my shoulder while living here. the evil stepsister, and the voice of sin and horror, but oh so fucking good.