Monday, August 31, 2009

there's so much beauty it could make you cry.

i've been meaning to post an entry, or atleast figure out how to come up with words to describe how i'm feeling right now. tonight is my first night alone in my new place in Savannah and my mom just left to stay at her hotel. my three roommates haven't arrived yet so i've been able to slowly but surely get all of my things moved in & my room decorated without being in anyone's way. it's been perfect. The city is just as wonderful as I remembered it.

My room is everything I could have ever dreamed of. My bedding, the wall color, the molding, the high ceilings & old wooden floors, beautiful decorative pieces I found & so much more. The entire apartment is amazing. My neighborhood is great and pretty close to everything I need to be close to. Shit, I even placed my bed next to my window just like I always wanted as a little girl (um, because Judy Funnie from Doug had her's that way. so ya know...)Never in 1,000 years did I think I'd really actually reach this point right now and this adventure is just beginning. I'm so thankful that my parents helped me out and supported me so much so I could live here. I keep saying to myself "How did I get here?", but not in a frantic Talking Heads kind of way but in a proud way.

As a little girl, I had four older siblings who were all of college age/older with their own places & cities to show off when I would come visit. At a young age, I'd stay with my brother in Philly and he'd take me to the coolest city spots (well, in my eyes they were. anything he shows me is always pretty cool and interesting every single time.) and when I'd stay with my sisters in NYC they'd be sure to take me to their favorite city spots.

They all exposed me to their own little worlds and I would literally dream of having that one day. I'm not sure they even know this but those weekends when I'd stay with them as a little kid or an awkward pre-teen had a huuuge part in shaping me as a person. I wanted to be like them for many reasons but also to be able to take visitors around and live in a great city with my own place, etc. I feel like I can finally do that now. This magical city is now my home away from home, and not some home away from home where the only thing to do when your family visits is to go to dinner at Red Robin and a trip to Target. I feel like I've grown up. I feel like my dreams are coming true.

I'm in the midst of a love affair with this town & I hope it lasts fooorevvvver. The biggest crush. I'm going to be like one of these people, just watch. Okay, i'm done.

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